Only 1 student at Skyline feels unsafe and Red Clay board bit the hook

It’s been awhile but, I attended a Red Clay board meeting tonight at Conrad. Other activities was taking place in the school and parking lot was jamed with cars parked in the firelane. 

So here is the scoop! Parents and students from Skyline Middle School once again decended on the school board with their complaints of overcrowding and how the school is unsafe. After most of the parents left board members stuck-up another conversation about Skyline. And get this, the schools principal said, a student survey was take and only 1 student reported feeling unsafe! One of the district admins was standing next to the principal reinforcing that survey! The Red Clay board member bought this BULL SHIT and actually complimented the principal! And this was after the board listen to parents complaints and review data showing troubling student behavoir trends at the school.

Others new there was the talk about reassessing property taxing on a three-year rolling basis. More talk about the possiblity of Red Clay getting authority to raises taxes without referendums. But this was all in relationship to the possible merger of Christina School Dsitrict students into Red Clay. Red Clay would gain 6 Christina school buildings. I ask on a side-bar about the condition of those buldings re: capital needs and was told Christina wouldn’t let Red Clay’s inspectors in. Folks this shit is getting ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this merger happens senoirs can kiss their senior citizens school tax discount goodbye. Things are so bad current Red Clay board members palnning on running for reelection might be faced with opposition.

Delaware College Preparatory Academy is pretty much done! The accountablity committee’s report drove about 10 nails in DCPA coffin. If Red Clay votes not to renew DCPA’s charter the school would be forced to close at the end of this school year.

I ran into Publius’ adoptded son Mr. Matthews and he is not happy with Kilory’s edgy blogging referencing him. Yea, I know I’ve been had on him. But this thing with the opt-out has me pissed. I just feel labor has more to gain with the opt-out than parents. PTA Queen Yvonne addressed the board and pretty much trashed The Smarter Balanced Assesment and that was music to my ears! The fight shouldn’t be about the op-out but rather removing the Smarter Balanced Assesment from out schools. AND GUESS WHAT ??????????????????? Red Clay school board vote to support parents right to opt their children out of the test! And there is a call for legislators to over-ride Markell’s veto! At the end of the day, the test isn’t they problem as Markell is the problem. Markell is the worst Delaware govenor on public education reform in the state’s history!   


5 responses to “Only 1 student at Skyline feels unsafe and Red Clay board bit the hook

  1. Publius e decere

    Before any board gets all hot and bothered over a test, maybe we should ask them to actually take the test to gain firsthand experience, and then publish their individual results. I for one would love to see the “proficiency” outcome for each board member.

    I’ll predict the following

    CSD Minnehan: Aces all-around
    CSD Young: Questionable
    CSD Saffer: Remedial

    RC Rivera: Aces in Reading, Questionable in Math
    RC Newton: Aces all-around
    RC Thompson Aces and kudos
    RC Bohm: Aces all-around

    Everyone else is a Wild Card.



  2. Publius e decere

    I didn’t realize Mike Matthews was up for adoption. Now if you had said he was up fo co-option there could be a decent blog thread … 😉