Delaware parents being hoodwinked by labor re: testing opt-out

I am all for allowing parents to opt-out of the federal standaridzed test called The Smarter Balanced Assesment. However, the opt-out movement is more about railroading the Smarter Balanced from being used in teacher evaluations.

I remember the teacher outcry opposing DSTP! Unions said, give us a growth model test and we’ll be glad to be held account for student growth while in our care! Well they go their wish and it was called DCAS. When it was time to pay the piper uinons baulked.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for fair means to hold teachers accountable and state / federal standardized test being called student assessment test isn’t the answer.

Where is the plan Delaware teacher unions presented to hold themselves accountable? NONE!

What pisses me off the most is, there are those educators stoking the parent test opt-out movment from the sidelines. I can them fence-riders.   

The solutions isn’t simple and rather comlexed. However, a great place to start weeding out educators who perhaps are better suited for other carrers is ending or limiting the VT card!     

Integerity  must start at the district level and we need an accountability process that fair to teachers but doesn’t prolong purging unsatisfactory rated teachers out of the system. We do need due process protecting employees but we need to address this issue now. I hope parents pushing the testing  opt-out the best of luck and hope they can see the light in that we need tangible teacher accountability. Some of you know I may have alienated myself from some union friends but fuck them if they think I am going to stand behind their agenda that manipualtes good people in doing their dirty deeds. When it comes to organized labor I am all for it. However, we’re not talking bricks or steel beams here! We’re talking children and asking unions to stop the dog chasing it’s tail agenda and produce a district level teacher accounablity that purges the unersiables from our chidlrens lives isn’t asking too much. P.S to punk-ass bitch, be  careful when talking the Kilroy smackdown talk in your little social-circle. You might have to man-up! 


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  1. What evidence would you need that there have been alternate evaluation systems and methods offered BY union leaders in order to believe educators do not have an issue with accountability? Proof of training in Delaware’s system? Proof of research on and training in other systems? Sincere question. I just am not sure where this post is coming from or how opting out is linked to getting rid of educator accountability.


  2. Kilroy, you wrote a post like this last spring at the height of the House Bill 50 debate. I told you then and I am telling you now, parent’s are not hoodwinked by labor with opting out. We are choosing what is best for our child. Nothing against the unions, but as a parent I really don’t care what they think for my child. If they want to back something for teachers, so be it. They are a teacher union, of course they will look out for them. Just as parents who opt-out are looking out for their own kids. That is called parent labor my friend! No offense Kilroy, but for someone who claims to back unions, you sure do go after them and one person in particular an awful lot. I saw the DSEA rep on the AFWG group tear into DOE better than I ever could. If that isn’t support against the DOE’s labeling and shaming of students and schools, I don’t know what is. Why you keep tearing into one union rep in particular is a mystery to me. If you want to rip into something, show some teeth and go after the DOE and State Board and Markell.


    • kilroysdelaware

      “We are choosing what is best for our child.”
      Right and go for it!

      “They are a teacher union, of course they will look out for them.”
      Rgiht go for it !

      ” No offense Kilroy, but for someone who claims to back unions, you sure do go after them and one person in particular an awful lot.”

      No offense but FUCK YOU! Be his bitch!

      “I saw the DSEA rep on the AFWG group tear into DOE better than I ever could.”

      And when will they tear in to Markell better than you?

      “If you want to rip into something, show some teeth and go after the DOE and State Board and Markell.”

      Why ?? DSEA and RCEA support the RTTT MOU that helpped set Markell’s agenda in motion! Sorry !! I forgot we need look forward and forget the past.


  3. It’s going to be one of these nights! First off, I am nobody’s bitch. That will never happen. We’ve gone back and forth on the DSEA thing, and it is seriously time to let it go. All the boards also signed the MOU, but I have never heard you say once “Damn those Woodbridge sons of bitches”, or “how could Smyrna do that” or “those crazy mou-signing Delmar idiots”. Why is it always DSEA with you? It is time to let it go. I have never said forget the past, but perhaps forgive it? I’m just guessing here, but if anyone who signed that MOU could go back in time with what they know now, would they still sign it? I would tend to doubt it.

    I get pretty upset when you say opt-out is about teacher evaluations. It’s not, it’s a parent thing. It is a right parents are choosing to exercise. In all the talk I have with parents, every single day, it is about the test, pure and simple. They hate this test, but more importantly, they hate how it makes their child feel.

    You act as though every educator does not want to be evaluated. But find me one profession where an employee is held to the same standards as teachers are nowadays. Where every single move they make is scrutinized and ridiculed by the DOE, Markell and the State Board. Make no mistake, this whole agenda has always been about dismantling traditional school districts and creating more charters. Yes, charters. Not private schools. Private school enrollment has been trickling down for the past decade, each year more and more parents are deciding on public school. Vouchers will not happen in Delaware no matter how much your GOP friends keep telling you it will. It isn’t even a topic of discussion really, so this “charters have to fail to create more private schools” is not the reality here. But these folks who want to do this to our schools, these “reformers” hate and loathe the unions. And I see it in the commenters words all the time on here. So if we want to cast blame, don’t blame those who signed something seven years ago. Blame those who cast the spell and those who are openly supporting it, year after year. Did all your teachers suck so bad growing up that they warranted this level of disrespect now? Cause mine didn’t. The reformers wrote the script for the need for teacher accountability and set this all up. And when you write posts like this, you are saying you support what they want even though you are against Smarter Balanced. We can’t have it both ways. It is all part of the same package. So where is the Rodel-Markell-DOE-State Board of Education bashing Kilroy that inspired me to start blogging in the first place? If you want to purge, aim your purge towards Rodel, Markell, and the State Board. Instead you are just feeding them the ammunition to further their own cause. To say there has to be teacher accountability is something we can both agree on. And any teacher that truly sucks will eventually get fired. Due process does not replace incompetency. But it is a very slippery slope when we start bashing teachers and unions based on anything close to what the reformers are espousing. Cause they can, do, and will use it.

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    • Publius e decere

      “First off, I’m nobody’s [female dog]”.

      I can’t decide who is more preciously clueless, Johnny K or K Ohlly. But it doesn’t really matter if the dog won’t hunt.

      Shorter Kilroy: teachers = good, education-employee-unions = not-good. Kilroy is taking the union leadership (if such a vaunted label is earned) to Tasch. Big love. Bon Scott.



    • Publius, I can’t decide if you are more of an asshole during the week or on the weekends, so I suppose that makes us even.