Delaware student’s are being cheated by 1506 Emergency Certificate that allows inexperienced teachers in classrooms

1506 Emergency Certificate

“Certified” means holding a certificate in a specific content area at designated grade levels

“Emergency Certificate” means a temporary credential issued to an individual who has obtained employment or an offer of employment with an employing authority and holds a valid Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced License, but lacks necessary skills and knowledge to immediately meet certification requirements in a specific content area. The temporary credential provides the individual with a limited time to meet the requirements for certification in the specific content area.

Hello, “lacks necessary skills and knowledge to immediately meet certification requirements in a specific content area.” So they learn via OJT with mentoring from other certified teachers. Folks these inexperienced teachers spend most of the day alone with your children. What this means is, a PE teacher can become a math teacher without skills and knowledge in math. Or a math teacher teaching reading! This practice should not be allowed! Teachers need to teach in their content area where they hold a certificate.

We talk about raising the bar on students with Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment but yet put them in classroom with inexperienced teachers? 

Relax Mr. Matthews, I am not bashing teachers or teacher unions. They have enough problems with core labor leadership deficiencies. My point is, children fall behind or no get a head when we put teachers in positions they are not qualified to teach. Are parents advised their child’s teacher is not certified in content area? NO.

I hope Delaware PTA leadership keeps moving into the sunlight and continue the shift away from rolling in bed with the likes of Jack Markell. Parents need to know these “little things”. Delaware PTA needs to continue educating parents on ways to improve meaningful engagement for the betterment of education for their children and for the betterment of parental ownership of public education. The pouring of political agenda Kool-Aid needs to stop.  


3 responses to “Delaware student’s are being cheated by 1506 Emergency Certificate that allows inexperienced teachers in classrooms

  1. Alas, this is a double edged sword. The obvious reason for this action is that corporate education is driving talented teachers out of the school systems and they are facing the real possibility of having 30 kids entering and sitting down in a classroom with no adult to monitor them….

    On one hand, you can’t leave 30 children unsupervised …. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be driving teachers away by constantly turning their environments into overflowing porta-potties…..(metaphorically speaking of course)

    No if you do what it takes to keep teachers, as in dropping Common Core curriculum, as in getting test scores off the accountability page, as in stop micro-managing their minutes, as in stop piling on secondary requirements so they can work a 10 hour day instead of an eighteen hour one, as in enforcing common sense respect among students, then you won’t need this ….

    And the argument can be made that having this available, allows TFA’s and others untrained, to be used the way scabs were in the mining and railroad days of 100 years ago. cheap interim labor.

    But the bottom line, is that if a room is empty of adult supervision, then… something has to be done and if that spot can only be filled by law by someone who has taken their Praxis and has official certification, then there might be greater trouble than is currently found….

    As an add on, this should allow cross-over professionals to substitute for a day which if they at least talk about their old job, could be very beneficial and educational for students.


  2. lastDEconservative

    I fail to see the reason for Kilroy’s outrage. Why not do the same in front of the classroom as we do in the seats? All are welcome, qualified or not, able or not, willing or not … What am I missing? Maybe that PE teacher “likes” teaching math, so, shouldn’t he be allowed? Isn’t that -fair-?


  3. I get the general point that you are making, but be careful about assumptions concerning certified teachers. There is a very low correlation for certified teachers and student success, as opposed to non-certified teachers and student success. In the study below, they found very little difference between a certified and a non-certified teacher.
    “We find no difference between teaching fellows and certified teachers or between uncertified and certified teachers in their impact on math achievement.”