Exceptional Delaware found in the nude at front and grunt!

For all of Kilroy’s rants about Race To The Top and DSEA’s role in it, we NEVER hear one word about the charters support for Race To The Top.  They had a role as well.

OMG ! Exceptional Delaware jumps on a grenade for DSEA! You know, the rank and file knows they got hosed and they know the former queen was rewarded with a DE DOE job.  

Is there benefit for Kilroy to go gangbusters on unions and not the charters?  Probably not, but then I looked at who the bulk of the commenters are on Kilroy’s nowadays.  Die-hard charter and choice lovers.  Led by the always controversial Publius.  We know Kilroy has sidebars with a lot of his commenters.

And I’ve met the in public. I respect everyone’s “opinion” even Publius. Doesn’t mean they are right nor I feel, I am right! So threats of outing because they don’t agree with you! OMG! 

I usually talk to him every couple weeks myself.  But is Kilroy being inundated with the charter special sauce?

Now play nice! You know I am trying to open a charter school for the language arts!  

And why would someone do that?  Perhaps if they were running for a local school board in the next few years.  That’s right.  Word on the street has it that none other than Publius himself will be running for a local school board!

So you won’t love me anymore if I am his campaign manager?  

While some (okay, many) know who Publius really is, you won’t hear it from me.

But you’re dying to tell! Should I require every person leaving comments to use their real names? FYI, Publius is a low-level insider! Non-threat! You have more to worry about re: punk-ass Susie Homemaker. Don’t let him bait you in which his bacon-wrapped asparagus.

It would greatly benefit Publius to have Kilroy turn the public against the local unions.

I am pro-union as they come but when leadership sells out rank and file they need to be spanked! 

Is Publius working Kilroy?  I sure hope not, because Kilroy wouldn’t be too happy if he found out!  But in my eyes, Publius on a local school board is more frightening than the last episode of American Horror Story!

Damn you! You let the cat out of the bag! Publius is my pool-boy and drives downstate to Helen Sausage House and brings me back a sausage and egg sandwich. 

Publius won’t be on any local school board because they meet in the evening. His night job at 84 Lumber putting rubbers on termites so they won’t fuck up the wood prohibits him from engaging in evening community activities. ( OMG! Look out Brian is going comment about my foul mouth)

Say what you will about DSEA.  I agree with some of Kilroy’s points on them.  They could have taken a much stronger stand on opt-out.  

Don’t kiss my ass now!

I have no clue how they really stand on the opt-out penalty and what their role is.  

They support the opt-out because the test is wrong but without the 95% DO DOE and Markell can’t use The Smarter Balanced in teacher evaluations. I support not using it. However, we need to end VT unless for good cause. Teachers receiving less than satisfactory evaluation where they have no job in that school shouldn’t be allowed to VT because the only openings are usually in high poverty school. 

Someone is either telling the truth or they are lying.  Yeah, sometimes the truth is in the middle, but in Delaware politics, someone is usually playing someone else for their own benefit.  It’s a tricky slope to sled down.

My point! And parents need to organize in groups as parents without educators as part of there group! PTA is finally coming out of their coma and they need not take part in pour Kool-aid for the likes of Markell. 

I firmly believe, that with WEIC and the redistricting effort, Mike Matthews wanted to take on a greater role because he knew the responsibilities of being President of RCEA were going to greatly increase this year.

Mike Matthews cares about his community and colleagues. And he’s been know to give DSEA some push-back! But responsibility one union is defend the paycheck and benefits and ensure due process. That’s a good thing. I see him emerging as a state representative and sure he’ll be pro-union but he is in tune with the breakdown of our society. Mike, see every child / student the same as in equal. He doesn’t give up on one child! He like many other teachers get blamed for students not being prepared, not willing to engage and learn and not meeting the standards ( those standards are so skewed and misaligned)    

More focus and focus plus schools as well.  And we all know Mike will stand up to the DOE, which is desperately needed these days, and I wish all local education associations would do this instead of sitting on the fence.

No Kevin, it’s time for parents to push teachers aside and take control of Dover! It’s a now win when teachers try to take on DE DOE and Markell! Mike, knows the truth and needs to educate parents on all the bullshit terminology.

Kilroy said this has never happened before.  Well guess what Kilroy, the time to defend teachers against the onslaught of the DOE has never been greater!

As long as teacher union leaders keep fucking up when dancing with the likes of Markell they remain their worst own enemy. My push for those board recording benefits all: parents, teachers, educators, school board members and clueless fucking politicians sitting around with their thumbs up their asses!

Pubic schools belong to the public and have a responsibility their child’s teacher has the tools and resources needed to educate their children. And like it or not Charter schools, magnet schools and votechs are part of choices parents want and demand. However, the doors need to swing the same way for all children.

Keep up the good work Kevin and I know, you know I am pulling your chain.    


4 responses to “Exceptional Delaware found in the nude at front and grunt!

  1. Dude, you had me cracking up! Publius putting rubber on timber. I would pay good money to see that! I’m not dying to tell about Publius. Most of the people I cavort around with already knew way before I did! I’m not a big asparagus eater, so that Jedi mind trick won’t work on me. Yeah, I’m not done with the outing baits. It’s too much fun watching Publius twist his words so he doesn’t out himself. I will drop hints that only he would catch to see how he will respond, but he’s a smart man and doesn’t take the bait easily. I would love to see Kilroy’s Chowder Charter For Some TLA For The ELA Academy open up soon. I’m sure DOE would approve it too as long as you just fill out the right paperwork! Me, I’ll be opening up the Rigor And Grits School of Cheswold some day! I think you’ll be seeing some very big parent activity very soon. The Markell meat still needs to marinate a bit, but it’s almost ready.


  2. Correction: I meant “I am done with the outing baits”. And something to consider:


  3. No language policing for me.