Delaware’s education meltdown from the eyes of high school dropout

Tougher penalty for low test participation proposed  , The News Journal

In an effort to ensure as many students as possible are taking the state standardized test, the state Department of Education is recommending schools lose points on a new “scorecard” if fewer students than expected take the exam.

The time has come to end the process of political appointments to the state board of education and the position of Delaware Secretary of Education. Enough is enough with political agendas of like of Governor Markell! IT HAS TO STOP!

To add insult to injury, we have a ass-kissing teacher unions local and state. All this reform shit was seeded in Race to The Top whereas state education laws and regulations were modified to conform to politically motivated Race to The Top, a fucking four-years federal grant! DSEA and local teachers unions like RCEA were cheerleaders for the Race to The Top MOU. In fact, the former DSEA queen went to Washington D.C. as part of the Delaware’s Race to The Top dream-team during the interview process. And yes, Governor Markell and Vision 2015 Skipper took part. Now were at a point of YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

In the past my  alliance with our teachers unions leaders was strong. I am not a hard core union person but, I support due process for all workers. Teacher have a hard job and are being held accountable for the impact of poverty as it relates to education is a social injustice in itself. Sadly in the efforts to protect teacher pay and benefit, union leaders are fucking up! They always go along to get along fearing Markell’s budget cut in retaliation for not kissing his ass. Yes that has merit but the process always leads to deferment of budget cuts impacting teacher job. If we’re going to fight than let’s fight and not worry about Markell’s political ego. His empowerment grew strong as union leaders grew weak.

Local unions, what the fuck is going on! We have a local district union president who took a year off from serving children to dedicate himself to being a full-time union leader. Perhaps these days it’s the right directions to go.  But never in the history of Red Clay has there been a teacher’s union president not in the classroom or unemployed in the district.

Unions are not destroying this nation, they are destroying themselves! In Delaware teachers aren’t permitted to strike because they cut a deal with former Governor Pete DuPont, a Republican. All was going quite well under the leadership of Pete DuPont and then Governor Castle another Republican. Then in comes Governor Tom Carper signing into law, the charter school law, school Choice law and the neighborhood schools law where all three have major flaws including funding flaws.  

In comes Delaware new Secretary of Education Dr. Steven Godowsky adored by many! In Delaware those serving as secretary of education don’t have independent power or VOICE! They serve at the pleasure of the GOVERNOR. They conform  to the agenda of the GOVERNOR.  The reality is, they are the voice of the GOVERNOR. Could Dr. Godowsky win an election if the position was an elected position. Odds are YES! However, the price to pay for such prestigious title is , stay on your knees and don’t go across the grain of the governor’s agenda even if you know it’s fucked up!

The victims of this out of control education agenda are the children followed by teachers then parents.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment, Race to The Top and No Child Left Behind have become social whipping post beating children for the failure of the adults including parent. Now the fight for union survival is first. It must be pretty bad when a district teachers union president has take time off from teaching children to go full time to save the union.  

Our newest young and bright teachers are being led down a dark path of follow the political fools. Union leaders are bailing the sinking ship with tin cans whereas they need buckets. The sad part about that is, former DSEA Judas helped drill the holes in the bottom of the boat. Then we have another on a world-tour visiting all the schools. Smells like a politician in training. I can hear the political speeches, “I’ve been all across Delaware visiting classroom, talking to students, parents and teachers.”  Lately Kilroy hasn’t been a favorite of our education labor unions.  But we’ll rack it up to, I know that you know that I know. The only problem with union is their leadership laced with self-serving egos! Getting your picture taken with Governor Markell should be a union taboo.   

This blog never relied on support of unions or an individual. Sure Kilroy sucks, can’t spell and overall grammar sucks! If I am the town idiot because of that then our so-called union leaders are assholes!  What kind of leadership is willing to sign an MOU knowing it was laced with dangerous rewrite of education laws and regulations? Remember one thing folks, I make no bones about having a GED and a pocketful of college credits and at times perhaps my ignorance can be attributed to that fact and other time sure, pure intended ignorance. However, we have people out there with advanced degrees such as PhD’s fucking everything up! Parents have to come in a wipe asses! Parents have to lead the charge for change and I am not talking PTA ! But careful when there are union leaders in the back ground offering support.  But indeed in Delaware we have a new breed of PTA leadership who is willing to poke the likes of Markell and Rodel in the eyes!

If you are teacher reading all of this I want you to know, you are one of the most valued people in our nation and the world. And that goes for you charter teachers too. My attacks on the education system is meant for those politician and unions leaders that to dance too close to the likes of Markell. At the end of the day, the real educational needs are about you and your students and we must get more resources to the “classroom”. Many of you know your students love you as do their parents. A paycheck is nothing more than compensation for performing a task whereas, the real rewards are the acknowledgment of being appreciated by those you serve. In your case, children! My writing skills may be limited but my courage to “try” comes from a few great teachers of my youth who saw more in me than I in myself.  I had a great Krebs eight-grade English teacher named Ms Paxton and I wish I would have not been such a class clown. 


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  1. Publius e decere

    I never realized that you were a class clown. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. If RCEA President is not teaching this year, that means the WEIC Funding for Success Committee as no current teacher on the committee and one parent out of the 16 members. They also have no other school level employee.


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