Antonia Alonso charter school parents raise many concerns at 10/23/2105 board meeting! DE DOE asleep at the wheel!

La Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School Board Meeting September 23rd, 2015 Community Education

Building Meeting called to order at 5:50 p.m.

Agenda was approved.

We were unable to approve August minutes because we did not receive them on time.

Public comment Parent asked:

When are the minutes posted? Parent shared concerns on behalf of parents:

1. Parents would like more kid friendly meals. Children don’t find food appealing and so do not eat it.

2. Parents had concerns regarding prepping of food. The kids complained that the grapes smelled like onions.

3. Concern with the children learning. Parents perceive that children are falling behind.

4. Parents perceive that Kinder students are doing things in curriculum that are appropriate for PreK.

5. When can parents expect answers regarding the questions they offered at the last board meeting?

6. Concern that student count is more important than who is here. Parents believe that the school is in need of more paraprofessionals.

7. Before and after care, boys and girls club want an opportunity to propose something for the school and they are willing to get licensing.

8. Lunch time is too close to breakfast in terms of timing.

9. How is the search for paraprofessionals going?

Dear Alonso parents: Your child’s school is a public school, funded by public tax-dollars! You are the public and you own it! Demand Alonso to record their board meetings word-for-word and post online within 7 days after the board meetings. Red Clay, Christina, Brandywine, Capital, Colonial, Delmar, Appoquinimink school districts all record their meetings and post online. Demand Alonso to do the same!

If have concerns with school cafeteria food call the board of health!

Folks, once again the Delaware Department of Education charter school unit does nothing! The new Delaware Secretary of Education will sit their with his thumb up his ass like the rest of them!  

Alonso parents, your children will fail if you as parents don’t stand as a community! Superman ain’t coming! Stop looking at your feet when the time is to take action! And  you dad’s, don’t sit there and let all the mom’s do the work! MAN-UP!  


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