10 Adam 12 gives Kilroy the scoop on Dickinson gun incident! News Journal got it wrong!

This part of the News Journal’s report on the incident.

Administrators then removed the 16-year-old from his class and searched his backpack, where they found a .25-caliber handgun that was not loaded, Hale said

Shortly after, a school resource officer was called and the student was taken into custody in Milltown, he added.

As you can see, the News Journal reports SRO was called “after” the incident and student was taken into custody.

10 Adam 12 a very reliable source gave the account of events. Yes a student reported to the school administration about the student with the gun. The administrator informed the SRO and they formed a plan. The SRO stood-back and allow the school administrator the space to intervene in a non hostile manner. The SRO call into his command. Other school administrators contacted district security and Merv. All went down according to procedure.  

As for those of you who feel I was blowing thing out of proportion too F’ing bad! The News Journal aka the real news outlet reported the SRO was “shortly after.” This was my bitch if in fact true.

So dear board members, when you praise those who stepped up and addressed an issues the could of went bag, I hope you don’t single one hero. HOWEVER, if there is a hero in this situation it is the student who reported the other student with the gun. That takes courage. I know it wouldn’t be a good idea to for the  district expose that student but I hope Merv and Kenny meet with this student in private to thank him or her.      Thank you 10 Adam 12 and RECOM. 


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