Wilmington Delaware public schools will implode with new districting plans!

School redistricting effort facing growing criticism  Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Opposition to the push to redistrict Wilmington schools is growing, even as important deadlines draw near.

Doesn’t matter because Markell owns the Delaware State Board of Education and his loyal democratic controlled House and Senate will drop to their knees. And it tow will be the sell-out crew from Wilmington. 

Those who support redistricting say four school districts is too many to be serving a city of Wilmington’s size, especially since some students also attend independent charters or vo-tech schools. That fractured system leaves no unified vision for how to improve education and no clear path to make positive change, they argue.

Yes the four districts isn’t necessary! There needs to be a Wilmington School Districtr  and preferential Choice transportation for those city parents who prefer another choice. Red Clay’s Wilmington Campus that houses CAB and Charter School of Wilmington needs to revert back to Wilmington High or a grade 6-12 configuration. 

The Colonial School Board passed a resolution at its most recent meeting saying its members wanted to keep serving city students.  

Way to go Colonial ! Thank you for showing courage! “

Our only role at this point is to save those babies from attending Red Clay,” board member Melodie Spotts said during the meeting. “We’re already doing a great job.”

Right on Melodie! Red Clay has done a lousy job of serving city kids! (not talking about Red Clay teachers). For years, many of us demanded Red Clay not take the class size waivers in the city schools. Red Clay builds new suburban school claiming they are force to do so per the Neighborhood Schools Act! But yet they “refuse” to provide neighborhood middle and high school programming in Wilmington, FORCE BUSING still continues for city kids. Markell blows smoke out his ass when he says, Delaware students can choose their schools. He cuts back on transportation funding to public schools and converts it into corporate welfare.

The commission’s leaders, however, argue the data tells a different story if you look only at the Colonial students who live in the city. Poverty there, they argue, presents different problems than poverty in other places, and Colonial’s students in Wilmington don’t perform a whole lot better than those in the other districts.

So I guess that means there is a difference of being poor and dirt poor!  

Tony Allen, the committee’s chairman, points out that only about 300 Wilmington kids live in Colonial’s boundaries, and about half of those “choice out” to charter schools. The district had more than 9,800 students last year.

I thought Moyer was ordered closed?

In Red Clay, residents and those who represent them worry property taxes could be hiked to pay for adding more city students. They also are concerned that the process will disrupt their schools.

Yep and look what happen to Skyline after Red Clay converted Conrad in an all choice magnet school and reassigned the kids from Alban Park and Robinson Lane. Red Clay effectively purged minorities , particularly African-Americans from Conrad. Isn’t it ironic Red Clay’s board is fighting for the honor of the American Indian Nation purging the term Red Skin and a head dress logo but stood-by and watched black children be denied their neighborhood Red Clay school. They load those kids up like cattle on school buses and ship them to other district schools. 

When the state Senate held a confirmation hearing for new Secretary of Education Steven Godowsky last week, several lawmakers who represent Red Clay said constituents were contacting them with concerns.  

It doesn’t matter, new Sec of Ed will go with the Markell flow.

“The residents in my district are all Red Clay, and they’re not very happy people,” Sen. Patricia Blevins, D-Elsmere, said.

Better to piss off them then King Markell. You know he has his enforcer Pete that will shutdown any legislation you propose! 

“This thing has gotten out of control,” said Sen. Greg Lavelle, R-Sharpley, whose district also includes Red Clay.

Greg, you are CLUELESS! 

Allen says the committee has made clear it will not place all of the onus for the change on Red Clay. He pointed out much of the commission’s leadership comes from Red Clay — school board president Kenny Rivera is a vice-chair, the other co-chair Elizabeth Lockman is a Red Clay resident, and Allen himself lives in Red Clay.

Rivera shouldn’t be in a leadership role on the committee. It alienate him as representative of the board and constricts his personal opinion and views on the issue. Public schools belong and serves the public and it would of be to the best interest to exclude elected officals from holding leadership positions on the committee. Rivera is an elected public official.

“We don’t expect Red Clay to bear any undue burden, and I know the governor agrees with that,” Allen said. “Our intention is to present a plan that does not have any additional burden.”

 So Allen seems to be having private conversation with Governor Markell. He Tony, remember when the Urban League adopted Bancroft!  “The Achievement Matters! Campaign is an academic achievement initiative that will provide community and school-based interventions to Bancroft 6th grade students from the 19801 zip code. These students are expected to remain in the CSD through graduation from high school.”And, “The MWUL met with the CSD and Bancroft Elementary staff to identify students in the 19801 zip code who would benefit from the Achievement Matters! Campaign. In addition, working with a group of students who would potentially stay together from 6th grade through graduation would make it easier to provide service, monitor, track, and report successes.” And, The program is free; the only contribution required from you and your child is participation, time and commitment. The MWUL has received funding from many supporters who believe that Achievement Matters! And, the MWUL Education Advisory Council identified 22 factors linked to successful educational outcomes. Achievement Matters! will focus on three priority areas clearly linked to academic success: And After-School, Summer, and Community Programs – Throughout the year, students will be exposed to a variety of supports, including tutoring and mentoring programs, to help them improve their skills. The MWUL will collaborate with existing community groups and our own auxiliary group, the MWUL Young Professionals (“YP’s”).

While these debates are all going on, some worry the committee’s push is taking too much attention away from more important issues.

What! Like Markell fucked up public education to appease the likes of Rodel? Hey Tony isn’t your office , 100 W 10th St #710, Wilmington across the hall from Rodel’s, 100 W 10th St #704, Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 571-1536? 

“I’m concerned that we’re taking time and resources and attention and money from teaching and learning in the classrooms,” State Board of Education member Pat Heffernan said during the board’s last meeting. “This looks like to me exactly like what we do every 20 years where we kick the can down the road and redraw all this stuff and then we give ourselves, well in five, ten years let’s come back and look at it.”

Hey Heff what about all the “hubbub on the blogospere”! You know damn well you’ll belly-up and vote the way Markell tells you to!  

Allen said he has been clear from the start — if redistricting is the only thing his commission accomplishes, it will have been better to have done nothing at all.

And I encourage all school districts involved to say no, we oppose and if the state wants it the FUND IT and I am not talking fucked-up seed money that will evaporate after three years.

The price of admission for getting to more of the substantive things that need to occur is getting over what we think is an intractable situation in school governance,” Allen said. “If we can’t get school governance right, it’ll be very difficult to get to the heart of the matter.”

Translation, man who go to bed with an itchy ass wakes up with stinky finger!     



4 responses to “Wilmington Delaware public schools will implode with new districting plans!

  1. lastDEconservative

    This was a great article. I got to practice my imitation of Hillary’s brain wrecking screech of a laugh track ten times before I got through it.

    I told you so. Another Big Noise, No Gain effort, soon to succumb to the same forces as all the rest of them throughout history. Sounds to me like Tony (aka second coming) has thrown in the towel, and is just letting the time pass until the next shiny object adopted edges him out of view.


  2. Why are you applauding Colonial? Half of their city residents choice out of Colonial. Those parents have already redistricted themselves.


  3. Publius e decere

    My head still hurts trying to read the literal and hidden meanings of Kilroy’s screed. against the WEIC’s pipeline pig. But one thing is certain — no way can a good and fully-funded plan be made and agreed upon in the short timeline laid out. Oh. Wait. The timeline is just an artifice to try and push something through without a vote of the affected residents. Now I see the apparent “Rich” truth. Move fast, repeat yourself incessantly, and trust that the GP (general public) will not read nor care.

    The WEAC – WEIC is an admirable idea wrapped in a fatally-flawed premise that it can be pushed through without the will of the people. Calling on Nancy Reagan -.-.-.-


  4. All these written gyrations to avoid the obvious. Wilmington has a high percentage of low income families and students. How to pay for their children’s education without actually asking them to contribute is the Democrat conundrum . Its all a matter of transfer payments.

    The schools, the busing, the districts are all playing fiddle to how to redistribute because Lord knows the party that claims govt can solve the problem can’t possibly come out and say; we ran out of other people’s money.