Delaware News Journal does it again! RE: Insults SROs! Way to go Perry White

Protection and safety in our schools  Our View 5:20 p.m.  October 31, 2015 /News Journal

Police and security guards are unfortunately a part of many of our schools. Their purpose is to protect, and well, secure. But what happened in South Carolina went way too far.

The News Journal is twisting their recent articles to support Governor Markell’s desire to remove SROs from public schools and shift towards mall security type support aka eyes and ears for traditional police. You’ll see, Markell will be getting in the conversation. HOWEVER, the News Journal isn’t telling you this, “The officer is responsible for investigating all crimes that occur within the schools. In addition the SRO serves as an informal counselor and a teacher / guest speaker in classrooms.” There is an EDUCATION COMPONENT !

The conversation shouldn’t be about the existence of SROs in our schools but rather the limitations in their role. The liability risk for teachers and / or school staff that physically intervene is redirecting disruptive student is great! Touching students in any manner is getting to be taboo! But what the News Journals fails to tell the public is, in most cases the SRO are summoned after school staff intervenes and its to a point of possible physical restraint or redirection is necessary. However, many times when the SRO arrives the student will “chill out”.

Delaware legislators should step-back and support limitation on SROs role in decision when to arrests and press charge! Do note, when a police officer handcuffs and individual doesn’t constitute an arrest. The SROs has a responsible to defuse the situation and the policy of arrest or charges. The SROs should help defuse disruptive students but as long as that disruption isn’t physical in nature or threatening to the extent of terrorist threatening whereas student is acting-out verbally the question of charges of disorderly conduct should be solely a school administrative decision. In a nutshell our legislator need to define the line between disruptive student behavior within the scope of school discipline policies that have set student consequences such as detention or suspension or expulsion. HOWEVER, we’re back to legal liability issues. For school administrators it’s easier to let the SRO call the shots re: arrest and when physical restraint is needed. In other word, school administrator pussy-out when it’s time to get physical with disruptive students and transfer the burden and legal liability onto the SRO. The incident sparking the News Journal’s unqualified opinion was just that, school officials called in the SRO who dragged the student out of her chair. The point of talking the girl out of the classroom expired. So it was time for the school principle to call  in the enforcer! Why didn’t the principle or teacher try to physically remove the defiant student?  LIABILITY. What would of happen is there was no SRO in that school?  

The News Journal is full of shit! Have they taken the time to talk with the police such as The State Police and get feedback from their perspective? Jumping on the bandwagon during the hype of open season of police because of a handful of officers in America who cross the line isn’t fair to those officers serving within the rules and laws they’ve taking an oath to. Gannett should be ashamed of themselves!                    


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  1. lastDEconservative

    The tsunami of words by Kilroy and his denizens on the subject of POLICE in schools is a great demonstration of how many have fallen for the illusion the educracy has put up around their failure to be the adults in the room in the school system.

    M and mom do a good job of reminding us all about the conduct component of the overall failure; getting roundly criticized in the process. And there’s the occasional fart of “root cause” that seeps into the conversation. Well and good.

    However, no matter the cause, the educracy is at fault for the suffering by and punishment of the willing and able. And that, by the way, as I often say, is what’s really going on here.

    The educracy has surrendered to political correctness.

    Or, call it what you will. Surrendered to the destroyers. To the dregs, as my pal Break so fondly refers to them. The point is that they have surrendered.

    There is no way you can convince me that an adult response to the SC girl’s FIRST out of bounds conduct might not have stemmed the tide that obviously has risen. Just as Mrs. McGillicutty did when we (some of us) were kids, zero tolerance was applied to infractions at the point THEY barely registered on the scale. Today instead, we hand wring and rationalize and add layers rather than stand and deliver.

    I call BS on Kilroy AND Jimmy, No COPS or POLICE in schools. My four and eight year old grands (nor yours) should EVER be subjected to the FEAR that the presence of COPS implies, nor to the spinelessness of the so-called adults, the union hands with free dental for life, who have refused to wear the mantle of adulthood.


  2. LDC I like your posts usually and generally agree but it is not FREE dental for life….


  3. The presence of police instills fear in you? Are you guilty of something? Personally, I work in peace in my building knowing there is an SRO there should I ever need to call him. I am an adult, and a teacher. I am not, however, a police officer. I’m better suited to leave that work for them. And I can tell you, the children I teach do not come to my school in fear because there is an SRO in the building. To the contrary, they know the dangers of the world in the 21st century, and they are happy that there is an officer in the building. Honestly, you are living on a different planet.. And I pay quite a bit for my dental, for the record (but I don’t expect you to be informed…about anything, much less my teeth).


    • lastDEconservative

      “I am an adult, and a teacher. I am not, however, a police officer. I’m better suited to leave that work for them.”

      Chronologically, yes, but functionally, obviously not, sir. **There would be no police work to be done in schools if the self proclaimed “educators” were in fact, acting as the adults they should be. **

      “And I can tell you, the children I teach do not come to my school in fear because there is an SRO in the building. To the contrary, they know the dangers of the world in the 21st century, and they are happy that there is an officer in the building.”

      An adult, a teacher, no less, would in a normal world, be ashamed to utter such a thing. “These kids know that they can’t count on us, so they settle for an armed guard to watch over those who SHOULD BE watching over us.” Grrrrrrrreat!


    • John,
      And why does the situation/ environment exist that “children” need an armed guard? Why should they believe (and they shouldn’t believe SRO’s can do it) that the only way to be “safe” is to have an armed guard? Are we in Israel, Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan? Maybe eliminating (or at least attempt to eliminate) the elements that potentially would require engagement by an armed guard would be more prudent. I know that runs counter to our current methodology of spreading bad elements out over a larger area to diminish their influence [or accuse those who seek asylum elsewhere as elitists.]

      Why do we need personnel trained in weapons and methods of physical take-downs to be in schools? Why do children in the U.S. (a prosperous and generally speaking, law abiding, civil society) need police in a peaceful school building?
      My answer: Because we refuse to address those students incompatible with a normal school environment.


  4. This is nonsense. There would be no need for a police officer if I acted like an adult? Are you clueless? I don’t raise the children I teach. What planet do you live on? Why do you continually blame teachers for the ills of society when we don’t raise these children? We don’t raise the children. We teach them. Are you implying there is no order in my classroom? Of course there is order. My students understand my discipline system very well, and I rarely, if at all ever need to make use of the time-out room. In fact, I see each of my students all of less than 80 minutes a day, and the impact I have upon them, in their social growth, is near zero. The forces that shape who they are, are so much stronger and influential than my mere 80 minutes a day. I am an educator, not an uncle. I utterly amazed at how little people on an education blog actually know about education. I enjoy reading this blog, but it often frustrates me to see how little our public knows about education. Where in a teacher’s education or training is there a course on how to break up a fight, or to counsel, or prevent any of a number of serious anti-social behaviors? What more do you want from us? You complain that we (society) feeds, clothes, buys schools for etc (because you pay for it)…for so many children….out of one side of your mouth….but then complain that we (teachers) aren’t parenting (being the adults for) the kids (teaching them that it’s not ok to throw a chair at another student)…out of the other side of your mouth. Which way do you want it? Do you want us to teach? Or parent? Be careful of your answer. You currently pay taxes for teachers. Are you asking us to become surrogate parents too…that might make your taxes go up (additional training, more hours etc..) You actually expect me to instill my middle class values on every student who walks into my classroom, and expect them to abide by them, respect them, and take them on themselves, when they often live in a very different world with a different set of values? What planet do you live on? So which way do you want it? Teacher or parent? I can’t be both. I can assure you, the values issue is not a teacher problem. And so I have an SRO to rely on, so that I can be a teacher, and so that issues that are beyond my scope can be addressed by someone who is more properly trained and better suited. I would never ask you to teach my class, unless you had the proper training. Why would you ask a teacher to attempt to raise children (your words…”be the adult”) when you haven’t provided them the training? Listen, get off this blog. Get into a classroom. School doors are open. Just knock. Volunteer. Ask, “What can I do to help?” Your endless posts here are doing nothing to solve any problems. They are ill-informed accusations that make you feel better for the twenty minutes after you post them. Learn a little bit more about the world in which you live (and specifically, about education…because, uh, this is an edblog) and make it a better world for all of us. Truthfully, I don’t think you really want it to be a better world for everyone.


    • lastDEconservative

      ” I [sic] utterly amazed at how little people on an education blog actually know about education. I enjoy reading this blog, but it often frustrates me to see how little our public knows about education.”

      And these are the supposedly aware citizens, right? On this we [nearly] agree. The final word should be bigger and broader than “education,” because the problem extends far beyond any normal definition of the term (normal meaning historical).

      And speaking of bigger and broader, I will grant credence to part of your growling rejoinder in that in one case (but only one) I did use “teacher,” which you take as a focus on you. First, to the extent the focus is on you at all, it’s only because you’re here, not because it’s you. I’ll take you at your word that your operation is pristine, while maintaining that on average, the trade is a mess in and of itself, its being a life giving organ of the leviathan notwithstanding. It is the leviathan as a whole that is to blame for the whole, but the contributing parts are not excused by this fact.

      My original case, stated again, same words:

      The educracy has surrendered to political correctness.

      Educracy and political correctness are, as most words in the tongue, poor excuses for what they are meant to represent (see ‘education’ above), but I think you know what is meant.


    • Publius e decere

      Hat’s off to another fine “schooling” from the pen of LDC. Shorter LDC, to quote the Mitt: “Leviathans are people too, my friend”.


  5. MRyder, you are asking a teacher to explain to you why we live in a world where bad things happen? where bad people exist? Is this sunday school? C’mon…what you really mean is, “Teachers are allowing our schools to be so out of control that they need cops!!” And I say, “YOU…SOCIETY…has let SOCIETY become so out of control that I have to go to work with a cop down the hall so I can be safe.” Who’s fault is that? Mine? You’re nuts. And living with blinders on. We’re teachers. Let us teach. Give us the tools we need. Equip us. I’m just a dad like you. I have kids in public schools. I want my kids safe too. But it’s not my kids’ teachers fault that some 8th grader brings drugs or a knife to school…or that some issue from the neighborhood gets “settled” in the cafeteria. What planet do you live on that makes you think this is a teacher’s fault? I’m so thankful we have police in my school. We have police at the Apple Store in Christiana Mall! Those Apple employees must be HORRIBLE salesmen!!


    • John, Please excuse my comment in this regard; I do not blame teachers! My point or hypothetical question was unfortunately misinterpreted. That means my delivery was not very clear. I most assuredly was not asking “you” to explain anything. My effort was to ask; why do we/ schools/ society allow elements to be present in our schools that make conditions in our schools to be dangerous enough that armed guards are needed? This is more a question of why can’t we (society) remove these elements before they create disturbances, disruptions. My effort was more to point out that if more of society was willing to accept schools authority to (expel / suspend) troublemakers, there would be fewer conditions / disturbances/ conditions to necessitate SRO.

      I agree, “society” (or at least the more liberal minded part of it) has allowed the undesirable elements to gain too much control and we are reaping the results. Teachers are not allowed to “touch” a student. Schools are not allowed, or are strongly advised against doing so, expel/ suspend. Schools are are being dissuaded from enforcing rules whether it is a rule against pink distracting hair, or arriving to class on time. Socially maladjusted students are being intermixed with normal children who are then asked to accommodate the peculiarities or socially difficult behaviors.

      My apologies for the confusion. My point was that we “society” should be strong enough to make good tough decisions and create school environments that do not need SRO’s, not that it is Teacher’s fault behaviorally maladjusted, violent, defiant children are present in the building.


  6. Surrender?? Please. It’s lawyers, man. You know that as well as I do.


  7. Comparing schools to the Apple store in the mall is just stupid.
    John, when you go to your doctor, are you greeted by an officer?