Delaware News Journal stoking the flame on open season on police.

UPDATE 11/01/2015 Perry White edits title of article to Officers’ role in Delaware schools under scrutiny. I guess the “C” word was offensive.

Cops’ role in Delaware schools under scrutiny  , The News Journal

Critics worry that police officers, who are trained to enforce and protect, could be handling situations better suited for educators, who are trained to help kids learn and grow.

Bullshit! Asking educators to physically intervene in fights and physically remove defiant students in today’s culture is looking for trouble.   

There are currently 46 school resource officers in Delaware serving 84 mostly middle and high schools, according to the Department of Education. Some officers rotate between several different schools.

And we need more

Placing police in schools means more students will have encounters with the criminal justice system, which could put their lives off track and lead to trouble, MacRae argues.

No, police in schools mean more students will get guidance on how socially interact in a way that will prevent then from entering the criminal justice system. Without these police in our schools we’ll see an increase in bullying. Removing police from our school will give a green light for the hoodlums to takeover! 

She said police officers may make sense in a limited number of schools that have serious safety issues. But even then, officers should be very slow to handcuff and charge students with crimes.

If there is a crime committed by students, the student should be charged. What happens to the victim’s rights if they are assaulted and the perpetrator is given a hug or two days suspension?     

“The problem is that we’re criminalizing the stupid things kids do while they’re growing up and learning, instead of helping to change their behavior,” MacRae said.

Bullshit! Offensive touching isn’t stupid things! Students aren’t be charged with disorderly conduct just for talking in class! Not even for telling a teacher to go fuck themselves!

So it looks like the News Journal wants to stir the pot on open season on police. Hey Jimmy, perhaps you should do a tag-along with an SRO and you might see their value. Hey Jimmy, just so you know, police let kids slide on the stupid shit everyday. The same way the do adults re: traffic violations by knocking down speeding offensive to below 10 miles over.

Jimmy Olsen knows Governor Markell wanting to trade-in real police in our schools for non professional rent-a-cops.  However, at the end of the day, our schools need CRISIS INTERVENTIONIST and our school guidance counselors need not be filing-in as teachers and lunch duty baby-sitting. The News Journal can serve public education better by not being bias to Jack Markell and his fucked up education agenda that appeases the Rodel’s of the world.    


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  1. Matt needs to get out from behind his desk and learn a little about the world he reports on. He does great phone interviews. I can think of at least one middle school..hmmm, gee I wonder which…that he could do well to visit and do a “ride along” with a Resource Officer.


  2. Kilroy, thanks for posting this. The amount of physical violence going on in our schools is pathetic. It is something that can turn around, but it takes those in power actually giving a crap about it. But they are more concerned with “proficiency” and “closing the gap” and “rigor” and “grit”. As I said in a recent post of my own, if that is the whole point of education these days, it’s no wonder kids are losing focus so much. Rep. Sean Matthews had an awesome editorial in the News Journal today which focuses on jobs. The more people working in Delaware, the less poverty. If Markell put as much attention into employment in this state as he does education, the education would take care of itself.


  3. I’m glad Kilroy and KO are on board with upholding behavior but my question is why do you call those who seek the very thing your advocating, as racist or elitists?
    Why do you defend the indefensible and try and label those who have recognized they cannot fight the status quo in the short time their children are in school? Why do you not call Mike O’s belief that society should just pay and pay and pay? Why do you not call Kavips out for his Charter’s suck? Seriously, the level of hypocrisy is stunning. Why did Hillary Clinton lie and tell America a youtube video caused Benghazi when she knew that night, it was a terrorist act? Why? KO-because the low information voters believed her story right at election time and voted for BO anyway. If you believed her then I have nothing for you.

    I don’t disagree that more jobs and people working would improve some conditions but P-Mom and I, along with others, have been beating the drum regarding behavior and I don’t see you guys going after CSD for failing to enforce behavioral guidelines. When I’ve mentioned criminal activity that occurred in CSD I get crickets. When others allude to the inmates are running the asylum.. more crickets. KO sends his child to a private school to escape the behavioral issues in a charter and TPS and there’s no mention or comment to say TPS Opt Outers are right.

    Our TPS’s ARE dangerous. Our TPS’s ARE behaviorally deficient. Our TPS’s are failing to provide adequate rigor. Our TPS’s have been strangled by the impractical and “self esteem before everything else” crowd. Let them educate. Let them punish (if necessary). Let them expel/ suspend and let them educate according to ability.


    • I agree with a lot of what you are saying M Ryder. First off, I can’t stand Hilary and she will not get my vote, period. My reasons for sending my son to a private school are varied, and while I won’t get into all that, I can say our choices were very limited based on timing. But as I’ve said before, I still believe in the public school system. But the problems they are currently having, with everything, are not good.

      Publius is unique and special, and not altogether in a good way. There was a specific reason I made a certain reference to him and that has more to do with circumstances I can’t get into without outing him. I have no clue if he is personally, but if you back certain schools and their practices that are known to weed out certain students, I would have to say there is something there.

      The reason I don’t get into CSD and all their discipline issues is because, 1) It isn’t just them, 2) I live in Dover so I don’t see it on a daily basis, and 3) it happens at charters too but I firmly believe some of them hide it better. Prestige Academy has many of the same issues, and if you look at their numbers, they can be just as high proportionately as Christina. And Red Clay isn’t too much different. I think they are ALL underreporting, and that is a huge issue in my opinion. No one wants to be considered an “unsafe school”, but the result is exactly that.

      I will fully admit I was pissed off at you for a long time over a comment you made in relation to my son when I was telling his story on here a year and a half ago. I thought it was way off the mark, but I have learned to forgive. We can get into the whole bussing and Neighborhood Schools Act, but let’s face it, some charters have continued that pathway where African-Americans, other minorities, and students with disabilities just aren’t as welcome as white students, or in CSW’s case, whites and Asians. I don’t like the assumption that all students with disabilities are problem students. I have always believed many of them, with the right supports and accommodations can thrive in school. But when you tie all that to kids doing better on the standardized test scores, it is a grave injustice.

      Parents are stepping up more and more, and many of them are fighting the status quo. It just depends on your definition of it. But parents have always been underestimated but that is beginning to change.


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