Was a no-brainer! Christina’s superintendent retiring !

Christina superintendent to retire in February Matthew Albright, The News Journal 

Freeman Williams, the superintendent of the Christina School District, will retire in February, the district has announced.

Williams has led the district, one of the state’s largest, since 2012. This August, he went out on a leave of absence.

First I’d like to say, Freeman Williams is a fine man and educator. Though he may had “personal reasons” you can be he was nudged! Thank you Freeman for making me feel welcomed and it was always a pleasure to see you at the NCC Combined Board Meetings.

Robert Andrzejewski, the former superintendent of the Red Clay Consolidated School District, took over as acting secretary at the start of this month.

And despite some issues I’ve taken with Bob A, I think he has the skills to lead Christina. I have no doubt with the time off after leaving Red Clay as their superintendent, I think Bob A had plenty of time to reflect inward and outward. The man possesses the skills and knowledge to be a leader. However, I have my reservation went it comes to the political infiltration in public education. School boards do need to set boundaries when it comes to political education agendas such as with Governor Markell’s. I’ve seen too many supers drop to their knees.

Christina’s board is “exploring a timeline for a superintendent search,” according to a news release.

I think Christina is in good hands with Bob A and I would make that deadline July 1. Though I can support Bob A as the next super I must say and insist there must be a “national search”. We don’t need another Pencader  fiasco like situation. Hey baby fly boy over at Red Clay! Tell Merv’s class clown don’t come over sniffing around for a job. And shout out to DOE Dan! Don’t waste your time, sweetie is better off with you not around!

Putting all the board politics aside! With the possible takeover of Christina’s city schools and city students by Red Clay school district any referendum attempt would be a long-shot. Sorry to say. I foresee Christina going into financial recovery.

Christina has a long road to recovery    



9 responses to “Was a no-brainer! Christina’s superintendent retiring !

  1. Publius e decere

    Wouldn’t it be best to leave “Bob A” — the Interim Superintendent — in place until the dressing down is completed? The WEIC is going to tear the City Insignia from the CSD uniform, then break CSD’s tin horn over one knee, and then Red Clay is going to deliver the Tercio de Muerte by invoicing CSD for the grossly and negligently deferred maintenance of the acquired infrastructure. Heck Red Clay might even twist the sword and sue CSD for triple punitives just for failing to deliver a proper education to the redistricted students.

    Why put a newly-hired Super through that gauntlet? Transitional matters are best left to interim/acting leaders.

    Or maybe the CSD Board could gulp down all of the Transparent Kool-Aid and hire Kevin Ohandt as interim Superintendent. Is he busy?



    • Thanks for thinking of me Publius! But alas, I don’t have the qualifications for a Superintendent. Way to throw that dart! Bullseye! Say, maybe you should try to get the job. I’m sure you could steer the Christina ship into steady waters. Oh wait, you can’t cherry-pick in Christina schools. That might not work out to well for you given your experience…

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    • Publius e decere

      I’m sticking with Bob A. He can triage the imminent losses, tame the wild-haired board members, and right-size the district. When all is said and done, CSD will owe money to Red Clay (or the state) to fix the buildings and fund the incremental burdens to Red Clay, and in addition CSD will have to consolidate from three high schools to two. Selling off a high school property AND the white elephant (no, not him, the Executive Drive property) and then finding a convincing narrative for public acceptance of a tax increase will be the humble pie needed for the district to trim its rhetoric and start delivering what their people really want. Without someone steering the destroyer towards public demand for quality schooling, we’ll end up seeing the Newark Charter School become the majority education provider in the district while the district-managed schools self-marginalize as an Albatross.

      Avoid the currrent downward trajectory. Support Bob A to right-size the district, pay off its obligations, sell off its surplus assets, and then serve the public with quality so that their public’s net foot-votes are INTO the district rather than OUTBOUND as they are today.



    • Could you be any more of a jerk? Seriously, your hatred of Christina shines through for all to see. And the way you target a specific someone speaks volumes about your moral character. You are an elitist with an ego that is far too big. How does your head ever fit into a bathroom to purge the crap you peddle? You have no respect for anyone and you are an insulting, ignorant, and demeaning person. I try to give you the benefit of the doubt at times, but when you say things like that it just reminds me of what an overwhelming douchebag you really are at times. Grow up Publius…


    • Publius e decere

      Well that “snap” concludes the candidate interview — a bit on the TMI side even for CSD, I must say, but I’m sure you’ll find a landing spot sooner or later. Have a shot of Listerine on the way out, we’ll call you if anything opens up. Donald Trump will conduct your exit interview, last door on the right, mind the gap.

      Publius Delawarius


    • The only gap I see is between your lips where you never shut up Mr. “I don’t cuss but I’ll make fun of people’s physical characteristics but that’s okay cause I am the almighty Publius Delawarius”. Once again, I will echo the words of many: Grow up little man…


    • Now I’m confused Kevin. (Not hard since I’m stupid, selfish and elitist.) Publius mentions only one “thing” that could possibly refer to another person other than Bob, he clarifies it is the building that has been vacant for years, and you vault into a personal attack that by rights should be moderated. Based on your actions and words in other places, your glass house must have quite a few broken windows.

      CSD has been battling its residents for some time now (bad superintendents, conflicted superintendents, poor financial management, poor execution, false referendums and false promises galore). This history can not be ignored and is a major hurdle for the district to overcome before any sane person should willingly authorize more resources. The state, curly, murphy, and duncan have only added to the friction with their convoluted agenda. There is NO DOUBT that CSD’s issues have been compounded by the legislators & politicians that have been voted in by the likes of the DSEA and the low information Delaware voters.

      I suspect you have developed a personal relationship with this anonymous person you appear to be defending, but your response is quite offensive. To me the response was not a “grown up” response. You may know Publius personally, I do not, but IMHO you’re out of line.


    • M Ryder, didn’t realize you were the Publius Public Defender. He knows exactly what he wrote and why he wrote it. And your equally, if not more-so, destructive comment about “There is NO DOUBT that CSD’s issues have been compounded by the legislators & politicians that have been voted in by the likes of the DSEA and the low information Delaware voters.” Obviously the candidates running for office win by a majority of votes, but to you those are “low information voters” which tells me you are a Republican and consider your vote to be more informed than those of the opposite party. Not sure how this contradicts things I’ve written before because Publius and I have never really gotten along. Yes, I will challenge folks on their opinions, and I will even take jabs at them from time to time. But I don’t go after them based on what they look like or any physical attributes. This is the line I won’t cross (which I’m sure will invite many comments about the lines I do cross!). Just because you throw insults in veiled words doesn’t mean people can’t figure it out. And who started this fire to begin with? None other than Publius himself with his left field comment about me. See the very first comment on this thread.

      I won’t pretend Christina doesn’t have issues. They obviously do, and I don’t think anyone is trying to hide that. But the concerted efforts to hurt them instead of helping them show a very apparent lack of taste.


    • Publius e decere

      Funny to see the phrase “little man” from a (fill in blank here).

      “What we have here is a fail-your to commyoonicate.”. A blind 🙂 ideologue who can’t see that a hip-shot “racist” accusation is inapplicable, that “tunnel vision” is an offensive pejorative to the vision impaired, that references to feminine hygiene are oh so “junior high school”. Where did the schooling system go so tragically wrong?

      Who cares about “lines” when the offender is congenitally “cross”?

      As a sonorous play on Ted Nugent’s signature phrase, I suggest that we “smack him, pack him and crack him”. Scratch that.