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Will Obama’s re-positioning on high-stakes testing end the Red Clay takeover of Christina’s Wilmington schools?

President Obama: Listen to parents, students and educators on new testing policy/ by AFT Activist Washington D.C.

Saturday morning, the Obama White House and the Department of Education acknowledged that the obsession with high-stakes testing has gone too far, and admitted their own policies helped drive the problem.

The means to measure student achievement is clearly fucked up!  Christina school district has some amazing teachers and staff! Getting the feds out of local public schools and getting parents more involved is the best path forward. Wilmington parents, I am telling you, big mistake with this bullshit merger.  

Christina School District’s uphill battle re: next referendum attempt

New Christina acting superintendent emphasizes community By Taggart Houck /WDEL

The new acting superintendent explained his efforts to meet with members of the Christina School District. He said he wants to get an idea for what the community wants to do in planning the next referendum–using “meet and greets” to do so.

“If people are going to willingly say, ‘Yes, I will raise my property taxes to support your school district,’ I think they should have a voice in what exactly what they’re willing to support,” he said.

Board President Harrie Ellen Minnehan said she’s been optimistic for the district under the leadership of Andrzejewski, so far.

“He experienced, he’s faced the problems we have, and he’s been successful dealing with them,” she said.

Andrzejewski served 12 years as the Superintendent of the Red Clay Consolidated School District. He said it’s important to get the community involved in education.

“I saw an opportunity tonight to start to establish a very positive reference point for this community,” he explained.

With all the talk of Christina’s city schools being taken over by Red Clay, I don’t think Christina taxpayers are willing to entertain another referendum attempt. Once those schools move into Red Clay’s hand Christina’s tax structure will be adjusted. Yea Yea I know, don’t count on seeing that merger for years. Sorry to say, with the black cloud hanging over Christina the local taxpayers and going to see and wait and see.

The Markell seeded attempt to breakup Christina is more about getting-back at board member Young. Young saw the writing on the wall years ago starting with Race to The Top aka the cash-cow that created more administrative jobs and consultant jobs than needed teaching and paraprofessional  positions. Board member Young put his ass in Markell’s face and his finger in Rodel’s face! Governor Markell  has  proven to be the worst governor on public education reform in the state’s history.

As for needed services to better serve Christina’s city high poverty schools, all is in limbo. It makes no sense to create new programs and besides, Christina’s is about to go into financial recovery. Odds are,  that will happen at the end of this school year. Markell’s little-man syndrome has driven a crack in Christina school district leaving the district’s future uncertain. Then there is the rift in the school board where two act as CEO  talking deals in the background. Keep an eye on the news about the superintendent’s status as in resignation. There will be a push for a national search for a new super but those pushing for it will be trumped.