Delaware AG Denn wants to hold the carpet as schools sweep crime under it.

Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn calls for sentencing reforms By Tom Lehman / WDEL

Additionally, Denn said he wants lawmakers to pass legislation lifting a mandate that schools report all misdemeanor assault incidents, like fights, involving students who are at least 12 years old.

He said the change could help more young people avoid entering the criminal justice system. His proposal also calls for expanding the types and number of crimes that juveniles can seek expunged from their record and reducing the cost for them to use that process.

“If the parent of a student who is a victim wants to call the police then they should,” he said. “If a principal feels it’s important to call the police they should, but we don’t think it should be done on autopilot and that every single fight among kids 12-and-older, that results in a cut or a bruise, should be a criminal matter.”

Matt you are doing a great job. However, the law is the the law and is meant to protect all citizens regardless of age. No one is saying the juvenile offenders should go to jail or even get probation! Many have issue with “boundaries”, verbal and physical. Schools are not equipped to address services needed to correct “behavior”. Now there is talk of limiting out-of-school suspension.  

Offensive touching is a crime and should be reported to the police. And I said “REPORTED”. Doesn’t mean charges will be filed and THAT decision should be left up to the parent of the VICTIM.

If the AG’s office really want to make a difference they should support the expansion of conflict resolution programs in every school.

To all parents: you don’t need the school’s permission to file a criminal “complaint” and again it doesn’t mean you are filing charges. You need to make sure the issues is documented with the proper authority and you have a copy of that complaint.

Read this, Persistently Dangerous Schools   “If Identified As Persistently Dangerous • A District must in a timely manner, develop a plan and timeline that describes the process for notifying parents and relocating students requesting a choice, and develop a corrective action for the school. – The non-regulatory guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Education as an example of “timely”, is within twenty (20) school days from the time that the District learns that the school has been identified as persistently dangerous.”

If we are going to get serious protecting our schools and making the safe we need not make such and irresponsible move! All crimes within our public and charter school must be reported and put on file. We can still do this and make better decision on how to address individual infraction. We’ve seen too many victims turn into a bully as a means of self protection.

To Delaware State Legislators: Denn’s proposal is a very dangerous path. Crimes committed in schools must be reported and how they are addressed from there is what we need to focus on.  


4 responses to “Delaware AG Denn wants to hold the carpet as schools sweep crime under it.

  1. Is there a place where one might find a list of “persistently dangerous” schools? Serious question.

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    • kilroysdelaware

      posted on the district profile under student tab / link

      Christina’s as an example
      “Persistently Dangerous School (2014-15)
      The school district has no “Persistently Dangerous Schools”

      “Dangerous Schools
      Delaware defines a school as a “Safe School” unless it has, over a three year period, five or more unsafe incidents annually for every one hundred students enrolled. If this threshold is exceeded the school will be designated as “Persistently Dangerous School”. The unsafe incidents include but are not limited to incidents that lead to suspension or expulsion for gun related violations; crimes committed on school property; and terroristic threatening. ”

      No school in Delaware is listed “Persistently Dangerous” so pretty much all are considered safe schools. However , you can bet the farm info is being swept under the rung and Denn’s proposal will give a green light to those practices.


    • Thanks for the quick response. It’s interesting to me that the definition is based on number of incidents per 100 students.


  2. Makes me very very uncomfortable. Currently, acts of physical assault require reporting. Those of us in the schools already experience physical assault being downplayed. In addition, special education students actions are protected in assault. It feels as if the government wants to downplay the seriousness. I do not think students should be cuffed and prosecuted. I DO think the state owes the resourcesame of behavior interventionists at school level. Arbitrarily reporting crime is inappropriate advice /policy.