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Is DE Acting Sec of Education Godowsky putting on an act re: Opt-out

Delaware’s acting education secretary says no harsh sanctions for opting out by Amy Cherry / WDEL

No hard-hitting policy was expected in Dr. Steve Godowsky’s remarks since he’s not officially education secretary yet. But the former New Castle Vo-Tech superintendent did mention the opt-out movement, saying important recommendations on participation rates are due next month to the U.S. Department of Education and the state Board of Education.

“It’s not a final decision, but it looks like from all levels of the department…that harsh sanctions will not carry the day,” he said. “There will be minimum sanctions that are required.”

Godowsky said that the 12 schools within three districts that didn’t meet the required 95 percent participation rate in the state’s new Smarter Balanced assessment would not suffer.

“We’ll all be satisfied that that’s not going to be a stumbling block with harsh sanctions or consequences for those schools,” said Godowsky.

Mr. Godowski, no one is asking you to embrace the naysayers position. The best advice for you is to listen to the debates playing out on social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and even the News Journal’s online comment section after each article. Somewhere between the left and right of debates is the truth which is often found in the middle. When you get a chance read up on Title 1 Section 1118 and they go back a find where and when were Title 1 parents part of the “planning” of Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Go and “try” find an MOUs signed by Title 1 PAC at any district! Wait, the district swept Title 1 PAC under the rug! Title 1 parents were not part of the decision making process promised under Federal Law Title 1 Section 1118.