John Clatworthy nominated as CSW board “candidate” ; A good thing

THE CHARTER SCHOOL OF WILMINGTON 100 N. DuPont Road Wilmington, DE 19807 MONTHLY MEETING Board Meeting Minutes September 22, 2015

Mr. Stacy introduced John Clatworthy who had been nominated for a board seat by Mr. Becnel. Mr. Clatworthy addressed the board for a few minutes and described his background and interest in serving as community board member. After that conversation the board approved his nomination and will consider his appointment at the October meeting.  

Most in the political-know, knows John Clatworthy has long history with the Delaware Republican Party. Back in the day when I was very active in the party serving as GOP RD Chair of the 19th RD John was Regional Chair and did an outstanding job. I know from working with him, he is a very respectful young man who values everyone’s opinion. I have no doubt John may share the charter school vision and that’s o.k. as we all have our own opinions and rights. I share the charter school vision but question the admission laws that appears to be discriminatory. However, John Clatworthy will make an outstanding board member and know he’ll be responsive to the community no matter what charter side the debate fence they are on. Now I just hope, I get invited to that celebration Crawlfish Boil at Bec’s house if John gets board appointment during October’s board of directors meeting. 

In other CSW news, Mr. Henry Clampitt has retired from the CSW board of directors after serving 5 years. I only met him twice while attending Red Clay board meetings. We did get a chance chat and we pretty much left it at, we agree to disagree! The CSW honored him and his service with crystal trophy. Me, I am holding out for honors from the Delaware legislators for my courage and perseverance to cut across the grain. Well that will happen when Hell freezes over. LOL :).

So in the big picture, the dynamics of CSW board of directors is changing but structurally sound. 


2 responses to “John Clatworthy nominated as CSW board “candidate” ; A good thing

  1. Josiah Andrews

    At least he is a resident of the State of Delaware. Some of these charter schools have board members who do not live in Delaware governing State of Delaware tax dollars. How the hell is this even allowable by law???


  2. KIlroy may not have to wait that long. I’ve heard hell is cooling off as fast as the globe is warming…. (*Maybe THAT’s were all the warmth is coming from?)