Gee now they get it ! Race to The Top was a bad deal and now local tax dollars are back-filling the agenda

My so-called friends in the education community wants me to forget Race to The Top and the fact the local teacher unions and DSEA supported the RTTT MOU. Yea yea I know, it was a Markell deal they couldn’t be refused.

Now we have local elected officials sounding the horn about DE DOE employees working beyond the RTTT expired grant. All the Race to The Top red flags were flying from day and many state legislators supported legislation to align state laws and education regulations with the RTTT agenda. Many state legislators who helped light the match that started the RTTT fire are yelling fire! 

As for Sir Lancelot of Red Clay, he raised his sword in defiance of the system supporting the commoners but dared not point his sword in the direction of the Delaware King. 

So now well enter the diversion phase and soon more fingers will point towards a Markell failed administration. But the damage is done! We’re beginning to see the DE DOE exodus. For those who are building a resume of lies, they’ll need to ride-out Markell’s last year in office so the reason for leaving would be based on change of administration. 

One thing this for sure, Delaware Governor Jack Markell is the worst governor when it comes to education reform in the state’s history.


Markell’s agenda has cause pain and stress to children and parents. He vetoed the testing Opt-out legislation which signified he owns, the state legislators, teachers, school administrators and children. 



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