Delaware State Rep Longhurst caught with her pants down

Rep. Valerie Longhurst criticized over ‘scathing’ email Jon Offredo, The News Journal

House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst is under fire over an email response she sent to the University of Delaware and one of its employees who questioned and criticized lawmakers over exclusive raises given to legislative aides.

Fran Fletcher, a policy scientist at UD, sent an email from her university account to Longhurst and other lawmakers last Wednesday, writing to express her “total disgust” with the raises, some of which were substantial. She questioned where the lawmakers stood on the issue and asked what they would do about it.

Legislators’ emails are not considered public records under Delaware state law, but the exchange and succeeding emails were obtained by The News Journal.

“I am outraged that someone from leadership would use their position to threaten a constituent and their job because she asked questions about an article in the paper,” Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, wrote in an email to House Democrats.

Longhurst copied UD interim President Nancy Targett in her response last Friday that explained how the raises were given and pointed out that lawmakers control the purse strings for Delaware’s institutes of higher education.

“I do as ALL members of the General Assembly respect our state employees for they serve our state in many capacities,” Longhurst wrote. “We also respect our universities and colleges by supporting them through funding and benefits.”

Look how she eye-balls Governor Markell! I wonder if she pulls his string! 



3 responses to “Delaware State Rep Longhurst caught with her pants down

  1. A) this is not atypical of a Delaware pol response.
    B) anyone else laugh hysterically at this quote “questioned Longhurst’s response, saying it was “difficult to read your rather scathing response to Ms. Fletcher and not regard it as an obvious attempt to stifle inquiries into the efficacy of the staff raises.””


  2. Publius e decere

    I’m sure those raises were efficacious — after all, compensation went up. The question is whether or not those increases were granted to bring compensation to a level which would stem defections to the private sector, or whether they were venally proffered to curry political allegiance. It is a bit curious as to why a UD employee — whose raison d’être is to work for state agencies in general and a state representative in particular — would take the van on this issue — but we are all free to guess.

    But for sure the “duly elected” respondent was clumsy in her approach and deserves the peanut gallery she has attracted.

    Another fine example of The Delaware Way. May we try to do better in the coming year.

    Publius Delawarius c2015


  3. In regards to ;your headline…. …. did you look? 🙂