Once again DCPA runs $$$ agendas under Red Clay board’s noses

The state auditor’s office has dinged two charter schools for not following rules for spending taxpayer money.

The audits released Wednesday says Delaware College Preparatory Academy could not sufficiently justify almost $23,000 in reimbursements made to its board president and executive director.

More proof  Red Clay’s school board aka the oversight authority for DCPA lacks the capacity to effectively monitor this school. 

At Delaware College Prep, Wagner’s office found the school board president, Yardise Jones, was reimbursed $11,252.87. Auditors called those reimbursements “highly questionable,” saying they could not find appropriate accounting for them. 

Auditors pointed out that most of the reimbursements were made at least a month after the purchases took place. 

Auditors said Jones gave the school temporary permission to use her personal credit card “due to a change in leadership structure and the lack of financial stability in the administrative staff.” She told auditors she was not aware of the “whys and hows” of the transactions. 

The audit also found the school’s executive director, Angela Dennis, received $18,025 in reimbursements from the school. Of that money – like with Jones’ reimbursements – 65 percent, or $11,740, did not come with supporting documentation to justify the payments, Wagner’s office said.

When will there be laws making these kind of transactions a felony? And don’t count on  legislators like State Representative Debbie Hudson.  She is an enabler for this kind of crap! She refuses to support stronger  transparency laws governing  charter schools. Who knows, maybe there is a dark Hudson secret from the days as  Pencader Charter School board member.  

I wonder why Red Clay school board didn’t post DCPA “Update” at their July 08, 2015 board meeting.  But for sure you can hear the audio where some tall-tails were told.

Agenda Item Details

Jul 08, 2015 – Organizational Meeting and Regular Session – 7:00
DCPA Update – Sam Golder

Look at this from DCPA’s July 2015 meeting;

President also mentioned that a follow-up note was sent to RCCD as to the board meeting in which DCPA’s charter modifications would be discussed and it was on the July agenda. However, DCPA was notified of answers prior to the July meeting and expressed concerns that DCPA was unable to represent our organization. President also commented on the protocol for requests since the response was sent prior to the official board meeting. Also response from RCCD contradicted their recommendations to DCPA.

DCPA pretty much bitched-slapped Red Clay and suggests Red Clay is talking out of their ass re: contradicted their own recommendations to DCPA.

Folks the auditors reports are becoming useless! Time and time again we see concerns with misuse of public funds in regards to personal credit cards. No one goes to jail! No one is required to pay money back! 

As for Red Clay, here again another example of Red Clay inability be oversee charter schools and raises concerns about their capacity to take-on Christina’s most neediest schools.    


11 responses to “Once again DCPA runs $$$ agendas under Red Clay board’s noses

  1. Spot on, Kilroy. Spot on. DCPA should have been closed down several years ago. But it seems Red Clay doesn’t have the courage to do it. I guess they are too scared of Yardise Jones. It should be real interesting to see what their enrollment numbers are on the 9/30 count. If history is any indication, they will have even fewer students than they had last year. Red Clay taxpayers should be worried. When this school does finally go under, someone is going to have to bail them out. And you can bet it won’t be the state!


  2. Publius e decere

    I have a different view.

    Red Clay board members, most particularly its board “president”, know which persons in the community understand charter schools and governance and who can have a compliance-positve effect. Out of pride — or cynical desire to see failure — they have not publicly reached out to ask such persons to help out. This is shameful. The sin of pride.

    DCPA governance could be turned-right within a year. DCPA student achievement could be turned positive (versus peer schools) within a year following the point when the governance was set straight.

    Red Clay administration is quite capable, but is limited by the narrow mindedness of the Red Clay board. Red Clay board is not yet a group willing to reach out to the resources which could help DCPA and which could lay the groundwork for a solid charter-friendly future under the WEAC-inspired inevitable future.

    Shame on the Red Clay board. Parochial and simplisitc, it is not much different than Christina in tis regard..

    Want to enable charter success? Incent grass-roots charter experts to join you. They are plenty among us.



    • Want to enable charter success? Incent grass-roots charter experts to join you. They are plenty among us.

      LOL. Name a charter for whom “success” means anything other than collecting the highest-performing, non-disabled, non-poor students all under one roof and keeping the rest out. That kind of shady “expertise” is unwanted and socially abhorrent.

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    • Yeah- what Mike said.


  3. As long as they don’t reach out to those asked to “save” Pencader, what a mess that was at the end, with all of the “special” helpers from among the charter “experts”. Just avoid those “guys”

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  4. DCPA governance could be turned-right within a year. DCPA student achievement could be turned positive (versus peer schools) within a year following the point when the governance was set straight.

    Only ONE way to guarantee that…


  5. A) Local school boards shouldnt be the oversight of charter schools. A school boards main job is to hire and fire the super. If charters are going to continue there should be a specific oversight group for them.

    B) its time to call charters what they are and start treating them as such. They are private/public partnerships. If you really want oversight of them (parental oversight) then they need to start charging an annual fee – say $400-$800 a year per student. Once a parent has some skin in the game, no matter how little, they will start watching, closely.


    • Art
      “A school boards main job is to hire and fire the super.” And they do such a wonderful job at this??? Said with the sarcasm dripping off each word. CSD is going on it’s fifth super in the last 10 years. Taxpayers footing the bill for both the talent scouts to find them AND their painful inability to correct systemic problems. DOE, LEGISLATORS, BOARD, DSEA, & SUPERS, are all in place with oversight and we still have inept school districts relying on propaganda to prop up their finances when they mismanage their funds. Like a mayor cutting the libraries and fire departments. Hit them where it hurts and then they’ll pay more.

      If we’re charging fees, can charter students back-charge the district for the capital funds they are not using but the TPS is? Can private school students back-charge for the capital AND operating funds they aren’t using? Fair’s fair.

      The “skin” you ignore is the fact that parents must actively “commit” to the charter, must commit to the added supply expenses not provided by the state, must commit to the additional extra curricular activity expenses, must commit to the additional fund raising efforts, must commit to the behavioral requirements and enforce them (oh no, how dare a school demand a child behave. That is both elitist and segregational??) These added commitments are what Anti-charter advocates claim are the “haves” / “have not” game.– It can’t be both ways. Either parents willing to submit to these commitments have skin in the game or the state isn’t supporting all its students equally. The “skin” exists in the commitment to support the kids and school to be successful. Granted, not all charter schools are deserving of this commitment but the same could be said of many of our TPS’s with the added burden that our TPS’s lack a mechanism to stop the bleeding. At some point bad charters will close, not so with bad TPS’s or districts.


  6. Do charter parents have less “skin” in the game than other parents whose children attend public schools?


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