The plight of Delaware Black and White Crabs


Years ago, someone explained to me a phenomenon called the “crab bucket syndrome.” As crabs are caught and tossed into a bucket, the first crab tries to climb out to save its life. Other crabs, seeing his escape plan, grab hold of the first crab’s legs, which pulls him back into the bucket. Eventually, all the crabs perish. In schools, this is a metaphor for, “If I can’t have it, neither can you.” This is what happens when a group tries to “pull down” any other school that shows success can be achieved.

This is happening in Newark, where a group is trying to stop one of our most successful public schools, Newark Charter School, from expanding. By Greg Meece

(See Delaware Liberal’s Pandora 2012  spin on Ed Meece’s NJ )

In the case of Newark Charter re: 5 mile attendance zone radius, Newark Charter tactfully located their  school in an area of Christina School District that keep the most neediest students outside the 5 mile radius. However as you can see. Greg Meece is crying, others outside his school’s 5 mile radius are the crabs at the bottom of the basket bent on holding back his successful charter school. But doesn’t the 5 mile radius inclusion zone real represent an exclusion zone that keeps out the most neediest students ? The push for public school reform going back to ESEA was all about closing the achievement gap whereas, reaching down to the bottom to bring st-risk students  up. Delaware charter school law fuels racism and far from being equal. Sure at-risk minority children have charter schools fitting their needs by design. But even allowing charter schools that are design to serve at-risk student giving at-risk students preference (d. Students who are at risk of academic failure;) is shameful and fuels de facto segregation. In my opinion all public funded schools should have doors that swing open for all students “equally” and provide education services “with-in” that fits all students academic needs  from AP to At-Risk.

As far as the intended message of the attached cartoon re: Who Built The Barrel. I’d say, the same people who continue to reform public education every presidential cycle,  the white status-quo. But Kilroy, we have black president! Well Kilroy finds it odd that the new public school reform efforts wants to penalize teachers teaching in high-needs schools by holding them accountable to a test created by white elitist capitalist. The best approach would be adding more teachers and paraprofessional in schools with the greatest needs.

Dr. Martin Luther King on the national front led the way out of the barrel and sadly his teachings on how to do so has diminished to a day of celebration of his life. His life should be celebrated each and everyday and his work should continue each and everyday. On the local front, the works of William Hicks Anderson as it relates to his amazing achievements in public education reform has been forgotten and very seldom mentioned or celebrated. Title 1 Section 1118 has become a disgrace and kicked aside by the NCLB Waivers. Title 1 parents “had” unique powers within Section 1118 and they were not included in decision-making on the Teach for America, Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessments decisions. Those so-called reformed measures where handed to parents via indoctrination. Sad to say, there are profiteers in every community.

In the bottom of the barrel are perhaps the greatest leaders and those who can take back the community and dignity of a race of people. No longer people are held by physical chains but they are held back by emotional chains of social restriction. Judgement day will come and we are seeing glimpses of what is to come. But there is danger as who will own the streets, good or evil. 

Who Built The Barrel?  Those who dare not to challenge the status-quo, those who go along to get along, those who stand shoulder to shoulder with profiteers and those who put ego before community. 


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