Is Kevin over at Exceptional Delaware talking to aliens? re: MET charter closing

Delaware MET Needs To Return Their $175,000 Charter School Performance Fund by exceptional Delaware 9/27/2015 

First off, I don’t think any charter school that has not even opened should be getting a “performance award”.  They haven’t done anything yet.  Second of all, it is obvious their “long-term” strategy for this school didn’t work as they are closing a little over a month after they opened.  Third, if they don’t, I know at least two legislators who will be screaming foul on this.  And rightly so.  Finally, they should openly, honestly, and with great transparency return ALL unused funds immediately.

Delaware Met Paid $380,000 To Innovative Schools Over Two Years…For What? Exceptional Delaware 6/26/2015

Now that the Delaware Met is closing down a month after it opened them, many in Delaware are asking “what the hell happened?”  Don’t worry, I’m in that same group.  In all my time doing this, I never got a lead that turned into something solid within hours, much less a lead that announced the closure of a charter school that no  one seemed to be any the wiser about their difficulties.  But my big question surrounds their management organization: Innovative Schools.  What did Innovative Schools actually do that warranted them receiving $380,000 since July of 2013?  And why were there employees being paid since July 2013 as well when the school didn’t even open until two years later?

The Delaware Met Down For The Count A Month Into The School Year Exceptional Delaware 9/25/2015 

Today, I got an email from someone about The Delaware Met closing next week.  Usually, I want to get more information on something like this, so I reached out to the Delaware Department of Education and the leaders at the school.  Not one response.  I put out some more feelers, and it looks like this story has some weight to it.  I don’t have specifics, but I’m hearing about multiple incidents of violence at the school, a student brought a gun to the school on the very first day, and students leaving the school in mass quantities.  The school just opened a month ago.

Updated, 5:44pm: This story is gaining traction by the minute.  Multiple sources are confirming, but no official word from DOE or the school.  The only question is exactly when and how many students are actually left at the school….

Updated, 5:47pm: Other sources are telling me this school received a significant student population from Moyer, which was shut down by the state a year ago and closed it’s doors for good on June 30th, 2015.

Kevin come on! What the hell have you been smoking?? Town Square Delaware just published this on 09/24/2015 “Head of New Delaware Met School Enthusiastic about Students’ Futures September 24, 2015 By ”  

TSD: How does enrollment look for this year? What are your 3-5 year goals?

THC: We have about 240 students on roll for this year. Our goal over the next three years is to have 528 students – 132 students per grade level in grades 9-12. This year we have about 150 9th graders and about 90 10th graders. We will expand one grade level per year over the next three years.

Folks I just returned from Nags Head North Carolina after a week’s vacation.  And OMG Nor’easter sat and spun for 5 days straight . However I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

So to date, no news out of DE DOE or NJ’s Jimmy Olsen. But then again you know the Delaware way when it comes to education! Markell owns all information and it can be public until he gives the green light! Well the end of the month approaches! We’ll see! Kevin this better pan-out or else Publius might be sending a straight-jacket for you 😉   


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  1. Kilroy, do you honestly think I would publish something this big if I did not know for a certainty it would happen? Seriously? And who the hell is Keving? 😉 If Publius wants to send his used straight-jacket to me, I will politely rescind his offer. I would prefer a new one not tainted with cherry juice all over it, thank you very much!


  2. So Kevin, what is the exact date of closure of this school?


    • Going into last night, it was a done deal. Not sure what happened. You can catch the two Youtube videos. With that being said, I’ve been to a lot of different board meetings, and I have never seen such an inept board in my life. I truly fear for these kids…