DE DOE Jenny trying to put Kilroy out of business! DE DOE charter school website monitoring!


As part of its ongoing oversight responsibilities, the Charter School Office (“CSO”) may engage in website monitoring activities. In an effort to provide clarification regarding those website monitoring activities, the Charter School Office has prepared this Website Monitoring Guidance Document to outline required practices and the resulting website monitoring criteria. This document helps the CSO meet our mission to provide high-quality public school options for all Delaware students and their families through clear and transparent requirements and systems. As a general matter, the CSO will conduct its review during the first full week of each month. In the event that the statutory deadline for posting of an individual compliance item has not yet passed at the time of the CSO’s review, the CSO intends to issue a rating for that item once the deadline for posting has passed. This document does not constitute legal advice but is intended to clarify key requirements to foster high-quality charter schools.


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