Wilmington Education Improvement Zone Plan

I am going to charge up the hill with another attempt to avoid another major Delaware education train-wreck. With the train-wreck being the merger of Christina School District’s Wilmington school into Red Clay School District authority.  

The proposed merge Christina’s school into Red Clay’s authority needs to STOP! We all know the root cause of many failing high poverty schools are a results of lack of “effective” meaningful engagement of parents, political seeded agenda that fragments community voice and local decision-making at the school and district level. But more importantly lack of need based funding! The proposed merger without tangible resources will result in failure.  

Here is my Wilmington Education Improvement Zone Plan: A creation of a Wilmington School District funded by the same means as voctech schools. Yes funding on a county-wide tax revenue collection with Wilmington property owners including commercial owners paying current Christina school tax rate. The new Christina School District which excludes the improvement zone will operate as usually re: same local school tax process. YES sure those living in all of New Castle County will have an added burden to supplement the Wilmington Education Improvement Zone. However, the current situation via a Red Clay / CSD merger will impact Red Clay taxpayers at a greater $$$$ strain! Not I am not crazy.

Folks what goes on in Wilmington effects all of us including the state’s economy, crime and the explosive growing drug trade and “addiction”. Wilmington has become  not a “Place to Be Somebody” but rather a Place to Die and a place where business don’t want to relocate to. A creation of a Wilmington Education Improvement Zone with a school board of “citizens” and one appointed city council member focused on rebuilding community control of local schools free from outside politically seeded agenda, free of over-burdensome Delaware Department of Education with the exclusion of required state testing could set the path towards real local control. Teacher assessments weighed on the complete picture that include level of parental involvement and a evaluation system set by collaboration of those education, community leader and local government.   And to my labor leader friends, yes union representation.

In a nutshell Wilmington needs to stand on it’s own two feet and handing-over community local control to the rightful owners, parents.  


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  1. Here’s the link to the 2015 ASQ National Quality Education Conference Program…


  2. Publius e decere

    Unless you plan on reinventing Tony Allen and Dan Rich, this train has left the station. Their committee has declared a Wilmington district to be infeasible due to an insufficient tax base. How — realistically — do you suppose they could revisit this point?