CSD selects former Red Clay super Andrzejewski as Acting Superintendent

Christina Board Votes to Appoint Dr. Robert J. Andrzejewski as Acting Superintendent

Andrzejewski served as superintendent of the Red Clay Consolidated School District from 1997-2009

The Christina Board of Education voted on September 3 to extend an offer to serve as Acting Superintendent to Dr. Robert J. Andrzejewski.

Dr. Andrzejewski has served since 2009 as the president and chief executive officer of Innovative Educational Associates, and has worked with the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce to redesign its Superstars in Education Program. He served from 2010-2014 as the executive director of the Delaware Mentoring Council. His experience as a public school superintendent includes serving as superintendent of the Red Clay Consolidated School District from 1997-2009. He also served in the Red Clay Consolidated School District as assistant superintendent for administrative services, as principal of Conrad Middle School and principal of Shortlidge Elementary School, and as an assistant principal at Dickinson High School and Conrad Middle School. 

He holds a doctorate degree in educational leadership, a master’s degree in special education, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, all from the University of Delaware.

Odd as it may sound, Bob A may be a good choice! As much as some of  us can question Red Clay’s past agenda that includes charter schools and magnet schools, those are the things parents wanted. HOWEVER, at what price did charters and magnet schools cost other district schools and what impact has had on minority students?

Bob A may have alienated some of his long time colleagues and perhaps screwed over a few! Bob A and I used to go eyeball to eyeball on issues in Red Clay. But I’ll give him credit for putting it on the table. When I was Chairperson of Red Clay’s Title 1 Parent Advisory Board Bob A did delivery on expanding some middle school Title 1 programs and under Bob A each school level Title 1 PAB was given $1,000 each to use to help promote parental involvement as parent saw fit. We had a Title 1 Parent Center, Title 1 information centers in each office that consisted of a rack full of Title 1 information and other help community information. We had “real” Title 1 Annual meetings and various Title 1 events at each of the Title 1 schools.

One thing that really pissed me off was when Bob A signed a $300,000.00 no bid contract with Teach for America. He claim sole source vendor which was full of shit because their was TNTP. Bob A to this day blames me for some personal trash talking by others on my blog. But little does he know, I deleted them and fast as I could and actual switched blog host sites to WordPress which has more controls.

So I said my peace, and I “Think” I can take comfort in trusting Bob A will focus on the needs Christina’s children and with many being Title 1 students I hope Bob a can deliver Title 1 back to parents by honoring the intent of Title 1 Section 1118. I personally feel, merging CSD city schools into Red Clay is a big mistake! HOWEVER, Bob A is the Acting Superintendent and doubt one is such a position can make radical changes. But  CSD needs a leader at the helm until a decision can be made on a permanent super. BUT remember Freeman Williams current superintendent is out on “leave”. I think he would have to resign before the board can appoint a new super.

One thing many people don’t know about Bob A is his personal success beyond being a professional educator. This is not confidential information as Bob A shared it with many including a group of community leader at my house during a meeting. Bob grew up in Woodcrest near Conrad the next neighborhood over was Bestfeild where I grew up. Bob A was barely out of high school when he loss both his parents. He put himself and sister through college. The man can identify with personal struggles! And I am telling you, Bob and I could go head to head. However he included me on a few big things going on in Red Clay and openly asked for my opinion. Our phones rang both ways. So I owe him kudos for that.

One thing for-sure about Bob, he wasn’t loved by the unions. 

So for the sake of Christina School District, I’ll give Bob pace to help the CSD district right itself and I hope the CSD school board does the same. I also, hope with Bob A’s departure from Red Clay for a few good years I hope he has done some soul searching as to who he is and what new tools he can bring to the table. But I honestly think it politically too late to stop the CSD city school merger with Red Clay. Bob A has a few good miles (years) left on him. However at best, I hope he can set a path to transitioning a new community-focused non-ultra-political individual to take the helm. We need to get Dover and Washington out of CSD and engage the community / parents to take ownership of their child’s school and their child’s education. Folks it all starts at home and God help those CSD children ending up in Red Clay’s hands. Red Clay lack the capacity to effectively serve their most neediest students in their own district, and adding CSD’s would break the camel’s back!

So Welcome back Bob A and always remember, sharks never sleep!      

From the News Journal 

Christina picks acting superintendent MATTHEW ALBRIGHT, THE NEWS JOURNAL

“We had 10 applicants and had several, in my opinion, worthy resumes,” said board member John Young, who voted not to approve him. “I thought we were going to narrow those ten or so to a shortlist. That’s a much more deliberative and transparent process.”

I agree John ,it sucks and you are correct. I hope the process of selecting a permanent super goes your way re: transparent process. 


15 responses to “CSD selects former Red Clay super Andrzejewski as Acting Superintendent

  1. Bob A. was a neighbor and we car pooled together to our jobs at Amtrak while he worked his way through school. Amtrak had a history of giving employees leaves of absence so they could do their prison time, but when Bob approached them about a leave of absence to get his masters degree they refused. He had to make a very difficult decision to leave a secure, good paying job with great benefits while supporting his family. He made that difficult decision and it was the right thing for his career and family.

    I have confidence Bob will do whatever is in his power to preserve the proud heritage of Conrad!

    And by the way Kilroy, we were neighbors too and a lot of us went nose to nose and toe to toe with you! You have really turned into a great asset to the education system in Delaware. For that your have earned our utmost respect! Keep up the good fight my friend!


  2. Is Conrad in CSD??? BOB is making a money grab to sit part time in a desk at CSD…. CSD has put a man in place he will just chuckle at the mess the have created. what are you talking about.
    And as a card carrying Bob fan I assume that you know HE DID NOT ATTEND CONRAD even though he lived in its shadows…


    • kilroysdelaware

      I believed he attended Sallies and odds are he attend St Matthews! I am not going to crucify him because his parents most likely want him Catholic schools. He taught school in Red Clay doesn’t that account for something. As far as being a chard carrying fan of his, I wouldn’t go that far. The man pretty much hates my guts!


    • Kilroy I was responding to the poster who said ‘I believe bob will do anything to save conrad’ , my point was simply that his new position will do nothing for Conrad. Yes he was an RC employee but understand he was a pawn for the board. There is nothing he can or will do (especially as an interim) for CSD
      And of further note the saving Conrad thing… The poster needs to understand that Conrad isn’t Conrad anymore. It’s not that neat neighborhood school you remember…MOVE ON


    • BTW what is his pay? And a state retiree isnt allowed to get back in the system at such a high salary. Transparency?


  3. Publius e decere

    Bob A is a good man and the right man to fix the mess called CSD. I hope that the CSD board steps out to the governance role and stops with their presumptive but misguided and unwarranted management role. If this happens, Bob A will bring CSD the good order and the path to success which has eluded it under the counterproductive pugilistic cussing-out likes of John Young and Shirley Shaffer.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Sorry old friend by you missed the mark! What John Young called for was being responsible, “I thought we were going to narrow those ten or so to a shortlist.” Also, knowing Bob A possess the skills needed to help right CSD do remember it was his egotistic management style that drove Red Clay into bankruptcy whereas the DE DOE FRT was ordered in and where Kilroy pulled a power-play to put in place a Community Financial Review Committee before the DE DOE wheels turned and before the public knew what was coming. Bob A ruled like a tyrant whereas his subordinates hid in the corner like scared mice and the former CFO shook in his shoes as if he was before the mighty OZ. HOWEVER, peal away Bob’s ego you have a man who has the skills to make a difference. Do note, if CSD city school merger happens under Bob’s leadership the process of transition will consume him and distract him from day to day operations. I see and day when his mission in done whereas he’ll help with transition of a new super but stay on as a $$ district consultant.


  4. As was conveyed to me several years ago, the superintendent pool is a shallow puddle. Unless you have a home grown person who’s come all the way up through the levels all you’re going to get is a political animal on a stepping stone. And I hope whomever takes the job does his/her homework and sees what a dysfunctional board they’ll be working for. Otherwise it’ll probably be a 4 year and out person


  5. Arthur truer words have not been spoken on this blog. CSD had a homegrown recently but he was a hack , simply did not have the skills, knowledge or intellect. They don’t have anyone in their pipeline either. The board as you mention is a mess. They have not done anything to support suburban voters. They have put all their time and effort into keeping the wrong segment of their public happy and ignoring the VOTERS!


  6. We’re missing the forest for the trees here. I can’t believe nobody is talking about what just happened in Washington state.


  7. What happened in the State of Washington?