Is The Delaware Department of Education playing a game of Where’s Waldo re: past student testing results

It appears the Delaware Department of Education buried web-links to previous years of student testing results for DCAS and DSTP.   WHY ?  

Odds are folks the data is so skewed going from DSTP to DCAS pilot to DCAS full roll-out, to DCAS cut-score adjustments to Smart Balanced pilot to full Smarter Balance roll-out last year 2014-2015. DE DOE is holding back Smarter Balanced data for 2014-2015 to massage it. I urge our state representatives to call for a hearing and put DE DOE official under oath and ask one question, “did you or do you have knowledge of any DE DOE officials or testing company officials changing the raw data from Smarter Balanced Assessment 2014-2015.”  There is no reason for DE DOE to hold back testing results this long, unless they want to review and make adjustments. But back to the concern, why did DE DOE remove DOE webpage “public” links to previous years testing data?


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  1. Good catch Kilroy! All I could find was if they met AYP up to 2011, but those are just words like “Meets” “Did not meet” etc. If I had to guess, they may be updating their system to put in the Smarter Balanced data, in which case, they should put an announcement on their website to the effect of “The system will be down until x date to update information” or something like that. I know California took off all their past data last week as well. Since they are using this data to determine 6 new focus schools this year, this should be public knowledge for everyone.


    • kilroysdelaware

      The data is skewed and without allowing public to see historical data how can DE DOE present data showing gains and losses or closing the achievement gap? Our state legislators should demand DSTP and DCAS data be available for the public online! What I am saying is DE DOE IS FUCKING WITH THE NUMBERS and looks like the our new DE SEC of ED is sitting by with his thumb up his ass!

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  2. There will be 10 focus schools and 4 “focus plus”.


    • What the hell is “Focus Plus”? Does that mean they get labeled and shamed a little bit more than the regular focus schools? This is getting ridiculous at this point. And it is all based on standardized assessment scores folks. Wake up Delaware! Demand your legislators dismantle the DOE!


  3. Scores have been given to districts and schools, but remain “embargoed”…


  4. Again; don’t pay any attention to the men(& women) behind the curtains pulling all the levers: Sec. of Ed -Duncan $$, governor, DOE Administrators, & DSEA administration, all for the funneling of money to the test makers and test prep material makers. Why should they tell the public that the test they created behind closed doors, was graded by craigslist evaluators, is not a consistently reproducible test, is inconsistent and not admissible as a data point? Their reputation and paychecks might be inadvertently damaged by pulling the curtain back. But by all means support referendums that passively oblige the people behind the curtain, to continue the lunacy of a public education system short on results but high “reform”. If there were a mechanism to withhold state taxes until concrete changes were made, that would be better. A Tax boycott. What are the odds of that? Maybe it’s time. Maybe a governor recall. Again, what are the odds?


  5. lastDEconservative

    How about this possibility? As the next next big thing, the next shiny object, the newest this-time-we-will-really-get-results program has been idling in the parking lot for a while (the The American Way is Always Wrong/New Internationalism is Panacea), just warming up for the ideal moment … which means the last next big thing has to be thrown under the bus … and since the natives have gotten restless about the whole Common Core (not federal curriculum) system and its testing regimen … and in part, since I, your humble correspondent have been trumpeting the unexpected imminence of such a rollout … how about what’s really going on with the delay, as it is being called, in exposing the long advertised dismal results of the new testing regime, how about the possibility that “they” are preparing a concurrent rollout of the Internationalism scheme and the funeral services for all things Common Core?

    Heads will spin, distraction will be at DefCon 5, the leviathan will have so much to crow about and congratulate itself about that the average boobus Delawareanus will never catch on.



  6. I know we don’t always see eye to eye last, but you are most likely right on this. And I will be touching on that in an article that is scheduled to go up tomorrow morning at 8am…


  7. News Journal report just out, SBAC scores plummet. 4 in 10 pass math and only 50% are proficient in English. Most “speak” the language but only 50% can pass a test about it. Sad.
    What is to blame?
    Yes. The test was created to funnel money into the company that created it which has a self serving interest to make states, educators and the fed “Buy” test preparing materials.
    Not really, the majority are professionals and even if they are not “good” teachers, they are not sabotaging kids purposely.
    Yes, some are simply not applying themselves and don’t take education seriously. And no, a miracle working teacher still may not be reach them. (No amount of laundering, food subsidies, crisis counseling can shift that balance) It is ultimately the responsibility of the student and family. Weighted funding would benefit a small percentage but if little Johnny is taught to fight his neighbor at 5 (fight club style) and lives in a neighborhood riddled with violence, would more money for a cleaner school or laundering services change the fact he still goes home to a warzone?
    Common Core Curriculum?
    Be clear- the SBAC “attempts” to test based on the curriculum. The curriculum did NOT create the test! The test was developed with a whole lot of political baggage and dysfunctional methodology. The legislators & Governor, then applied the test results to teacher accountability. Much of common core is NOT, NOT what the SBAC throws down. Our esteemed politicians at all levels are at the root of why SBAC is the train wreck it is. The essence of Common Core is not SBAC.

    Agreed- the next new (old) reform will again try to frame a strategic plan with no action plan and no generals willing or able to execute it. Yay collectivism.


    • lastDEconservative

      Of course the NJ challenged the myriad excuses, right? What, they just played stenographer? I’m surprised. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      And they’ve had the results how long, and this is as far as they could massage them?

      For the denizens, consider this. How bad were the results really, if they were afraid to only bring them up to .4 and .5?

      Watch this become the reason CC is jettisoned.

      Watch the wordsmithing and the evil, diabolical intent it masks as the language is bastardized to near unrecognizable form in order to say “we were wrong” without saying it, and ease CC/SBAC out and the next next big thing in. I will go so far as to say that in light of the Noveau Internationalism Scheme that’s coming, they will figure out obfuscatory language that says something to the effect of “as we have been reasonably sure that America and its methods are now and have always been lacking if not outright wrong for some time now, and since we know that the fault lies not with us and the $120 million dollar boondoggle just exposed, we have been preparing the next next big thing in govt schooling (not education) for you hapless and helpless souls, and we are expediting the rollout of “Anything is Better Than Horrific American Methodology” and should have it in place by next fall.”

      And the system will be completely turned on its head by next fall.


      Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

      Where’s the Lillian? Gone.
      Where’s the Coach? Gone.
      Where’s Beldar? Gone.

      No results. No consequences. No price to pay for the perpetrators. What’s one more generation of school kids?


  8. lastDEconservative

    Yeah, our News Journal, said it all in two words. “As expected … ”

    Calling them stenographers is being charitable.

    And The Merv?

    “Red Clay students scored higher than expected on the new state “Smarter” assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, according to results released today by the Delaware Department of Education.

    Students took the more difficult Smarter tests for the first time last year, replacing the former DCAS assessments.

    “We are pleased that our results in this baseline year were higher than the results of field tests,” said Superintendent Merv Daugherty. “However, we look forward to seeing increased performance in upcoming years.” (See comparison of field tests and results below)
    Of course, the comparison is not below. Just an oversight.