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Is The Delaware Department of Education playing a game of Where’s Waldo re: past student testing results

It appears the Delaware Department of Education buried web-links to previous years of student testing results for DCAS and DSTP.   WHY ?  

Odds are folks the data is so skewed going from DSTP to DCAS pilot to DCAS full roll-out, to DCAS cut-score adjustments to Smart Balanced pilot to full Smarter Balance roll-out last year 2014-2015. DE DOE is holding back Smarter Balanced data for 2014-2015 to massage it. I urge our state representatives to call for a hearing and put DE DOE official under oath and ask one question, “did you or do you have knowledge of any DE DOE officials or testing company officials changing the raw data from Smarter Balanced Assessment 2014-2015.”  There is no reason for DE DOE to hold back testing results this long, unless they want to review and make adjustments. But back to the concern, why did DE DOE remove DOE webpage “public” links to previous years testing data?


Conrad continues to shed black students

——————– (05)    (06)    (07)       (08)      (09)        (10)—–(11)—–(12)—-(13)–(14)–(15)
Amer Indian  0.0    0.1%   0.0%      0.1%     0.0.%      0.0%—0.01%- -0.0%–0.1%–0.1%–0.1%
African-Amer  30.4%  30.3%  27.7%  24.6%  19.6%  15.1%-13.2%–11.6%–10.4%-11.2%–12.4%
Asian Amer       1.1%    0.3%     0.0%      0.9%     1.1%      2.5% –2.6%–2.5%—-2.7%-3.9%–4.9%
Hispanic           36.3%   39.9%  46.2%  36.9%   34.1%   28.9%–24%– 22%—20.3%-18.9%–18.4%
White                32.2%   29.4%   26.1%   37.5%  45.1%   53.5%–59.7%–63.5%–66%-65.1%–63.5%

I started this tracking February 16, 2011 Careful how you yell success in school turnaround and the purging of African-American student continues. Conrad is an all choice “magnet” school. The questions are, is there something about Conrad that doesn’t appeal to African-American students? Do they not feel welcome? Has any African-American student choice applications been denied? Don’t get me wrong! Conrad is a great school ! But I want scream MF’er every time I hear Red Clay administrators boast how they turned Conrad around. Read the link!