My FOIA complaint filed in response to the 8/4/15 CSD BOE meeting.

Transparent Christina


Office of the Attorney General,
This e-mail is intended to serve as a complaint designed to determine the legality of actions at a meeting held by the Christina School District Board of Education on Tuesday, August 4th, 2015.
Attached is the agenda which was posted in compliance with the 7 day rule for an executive session of the board.
Specifically, the agenda cites that the purpose of the meeting is:
1. Personnel Matters Include a Discussion of the Superintendent’s Competencies and Abilities [See 29 Del C 10004 (b)(9)]
​I have two concerns regarding this agenda item:
contains specific guidance to the school board in Appoquinimink that in the context of a contract discussion that must be public, a discussion that reached into the area of competencies and abilities should…

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