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Special replay request re: Arne Duncan’s backdoor deal


Pay attention class! Red Clay is going to take one you know were!

Our work will be built on transparency, candor, debate, and deliberate action, and—most importantly—with students, parents, and families at the center of everything we do. The time to act is now.

We look forward to you joining us and welcome your input and feedback. You can learn more about the work of the Commission, the schedule of meetings (all of which are public), and how you can help, at our website that will be launched by September 1: www.solutionsfordelawareschools.com.

Delaware Governor Markell puts rapist rights before patient right

Markell vetoes doctor-patient sexual contact bill

Gov. Jack Markell has vetoed legislation that would have created a felony level offense for health professionals who intentionally have sexual contact with patients.

Markell said he vetoed the bill because of concerns that the legislation does not differentiate between penalties for consensual and non-consensual sexual contact. He said that current Delaware law deals with such instances.  

Thanks Jack for you love Jack!

Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, the bill’s prime sponsor, said she was stunned by Markell’s veto and had no idea it was coming. There was no communication from the governor’s office about any issues with the bill until Monday, when Williams said she received a call that he would be vetoing it, she said.

Kim it was all paybacks for you not supporting his wrongheaded education reform agenda. But indeed the 
House and Senate approved and passed this legislation Markell vetoed! Shows who how arrogant and egotistic Markell is.