News Journal pitching donkey dirt re: Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

Wilmington school redistricting group picked Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The new Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, whose membership was announced Tuesday, starts with broad support for its mandate to find a way to remove the Christina and Colonial school districts from the city and give their urban schools and students to Red Clay school district.

News Journal’s spin “starts with broad support for its mandate” is a crock of donkey dirt. It implies that all members of the WEIC supports the mandate.  

Hear me well as this is my prediction, Christina Wilmington Schools will be folded into Red Clay without solid funding stream. Folks without needs-base funding supported by additional state funding Red Clay will implode and future referendums will be squashed. The time has come to end the referendum process and fund traditional and charter schools the same way votechs are funded, by THE LEGISLATORS.   As a far any merger, Wilmington schools will be more segregated than ever! After-all there is the Neighborhood Schools Act. Any notions city kids could attend Red Clay popular suburban schools is a fantasy.  

The road to a more equitable education for Wilmington’s children is eliminating the barriers within Choice school. Governor Markell brags how Delaware students can chose their schools! He is a lair ! The transportation barriers prevents poor city children to attend a choice school in the suburbs. Title 1 city children should have preferential choice-transportation but wait ! Stop ! Don’t get this confused with Delaware’s Choice school laws, What is a Title I Choice School? “The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), formerly known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires that schools that receive federal Title I funds must meet “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) goals. This same federal law requires that any school that does not make AYP in the same subject two years in a row must be identified as a Title I School Improvement School and requires that CMS offer you the opportunity to send your child to another CMS school that is not in Title I School Improvement.” “Why do I have Title I Choice Options? NCLB requires that students assigned to Title I Choice schools have options for schools that are not Title I Choice. Students with Title I Choice home schools may not have any other Title I Choice schools listed on their applications. ”

Folks Pinocchio in Red Clay says, Title 1 students eligible for “Title Choice” must Choice into a Red Clay Title 1 school and because no Red Clay Title 1 school meets AYP Title 1 student’s can’t utilize “Title 1 Choice”. But here is the kicker, this provision was waived under the NCLB Waive as was Title 1 Section 1118 which Nnamdi Chukwuocha aka the son of William Hicks Anderson is well aware Title 1 parents have unique federal rights that was washed away by the NCLB Wavier. The law required Title 1 parents to part of design and planning of programs impacting Title 1 students. They had no say in Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment. They were indoctrinated after Governor Markell signed onto those programs. 

The group must find a way to give Red Clay the funding and other help it needs to serve an influx of new at-risk students. That would mean either finding new money in a time of looming budget shortfalls or redistributing money schools already get.  

Red Clay will be stuck with Chirstina’s debt. Markell clones within this committee will support rushing the merger with seed money with shallow promises of  public school financial reform. Those property owners living in Wilmington will be faced with in creased local “Red Clay” school tax. Same goes for all the commercial building currently within Christina.

I am not a naysayer but Red Clay has failed Title 1 students over and over and over. What makes Markell and his lapdogs think Red Clay can do better by adding more Title 1 students? The problem is lack of needs-based funding and leaders who spend more time kissing Jack Markell ass than focusing on the needs of students within their district! And why isn’t Jea Street part of this committee? If the NAACP supports these radical changes why aren’t they at the table? If “education is the most important civil rights issue of this generation” where are the civil right leaders on the this committee.     


3 responses to “News Journal pitching donkey dirt re: Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

  1. Jack Markell is the most dishonest, unethical, self centered human residing in Delaware as we read this. Nothing seems to effect Markell except his desperate positioning himself for lucrative employment after this term expires. Markell’s staff are already hinting the Jack intends a statewide tax as the only possibility for funding schools in 2016. With sad little legislative lackey’s like Townsend and another on the way in Bentz it’s going to be tax time in the Diamond State.


  2. kilroy
    “Folks without needs-base funding supported by additional state funding Red Clay will implode and future referendums will be squashed. The time has come to end the referendum process and fund traditional and charter schools the same way votechs are funded, by THE LEGISLATORS. ”

    Eric A. Hanushek :
    Misplaced Optimism and Weighted Funding-
    “At their heart, both positions rely upon an untested view of politics: If only the actual flow of dollars were more transparent, political forces would be inescapably set in motion that would in turn eliminate the current shackles on schools and allow them to make the decisions needed to improve achievement.

    We should have absolutely no reason to believe that such a vision will come to fruition. For one, for the vision to hold, we must ignore any questions about decision making capacities at the school level.

    The underlying motivation for weighted student funding is built on a presumption that districts are making patently bad decisions, either because of a lack of capacity or distorted incentives. Is it the case that these problems appear just at the district level, but not the school level? Why do we believe that school-level personnel—without any prior training and experience—will become better stewards of resources or better judges of personnel, curricula, or instructional techniques?”


  3. lastDEconservative

    “The new Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, whose membership was announced Tuesday … ”

    And on the second day, yet ANOTHER commission created, obviating the work of the first day and all the days to come.

    This farce would be comical if it weren’t so cynical and criminal.