Fast forward Red Clay; The year 2115

Date , January 01 2115. The Hugh Broomall Virtual High school enrollment website has opened for online enrollment.  Students and parents are presented with prerequisites and elective classes for the school year starting January 20, 2015 and ending December 20, 2015 (yep year-round school). Students will be assigned quarterly standardized test date where they will be required to meet at

the Red Clay Kenny Rivera Education Center. (district testing security policy requires students to take standardized test  in secure setting where parents and google can’t help with answers).    

Yep folks this is what the future will look like. Online K-12 learning. High tech security with create a data base logging students online activities to ensure they are staying on task and meeting the daily minimum “active” login time. 

OK sounds far-fetched! Or does it? What about extracurricular activity such as sports? Sports have become a community responsibility and with the help advance sporting software developed by Markell Next Generation Software Inc. Community leagues can schedule events to take place at the mega sports complex funded by Mike Matthews Foundation.  The Mike Matthews Foundation also funds the Smellavision Online Culinary School.   

OK all sounds like a joke! But for real, where do you see virtual learning in the mix of public education 100 years from now? I see a statewide basic wifi service free for all and expanded wifi services for additional cost.


One response to “Fast forward Red Clay; The year 2115

  1. Virtual high schools have fantasy football teams, of course.