DOE Contract Soliciting Bids To Mix Rodel’s Personalized Learning & Markell’s World Immersion Program

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The Delaware Department of Education has a Request For Proposal (RFP) for middle-school students to have “blended” learning in the World Immersion Program.  I called this last October!  Rodel has been pimping the whole personalized learning thing for the past year, and I am sure it will be a highlight of their latest Vision fest in September.  Blended learning and personalized learning are essentially the same thing.  The RFP states they want students in 6th to 8th grade to be able to take their time learning another language.

World Immersion, on the surface, looks great.  But it is having the undesired effect in some schools of causing special needs students and low-performing students to not be able to participate in this program.  It is already making it’s mark in Capital and Caesar Rodney.  Students from one school in a district are moving to other ones because this program is offered…

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5 responses to “DOE Contract Soliciting Bids To Mix Rodel’s Personalized Learning & Markell’s World Immersion Program

  1. It’s time for Governor Markell to stop the indecencies being perpetrated and foisted on our public school system, educators, children and legislators and publicly put the entire Delaware public education system out for bids. Unseal the winning envelope and allow all of us to turn our attention and consciences away from the needs of the neediest and those burdensome issues of responsibility we might be urged to satisfy. Maybe the General Assembly can apply for outside “consultant” status and then we would be allowed to get engaged by actually reviewing and opining on any of these DOE and State Board regulations that have become carte-blanche permission slips to abuse. How about “Rodels House of Representatives” Although RHOR isn’t as smooth off the tongue as IHOP. Senate by PCG has a convenient enough ring to it. This would then allow for a total denial of any FOIA requests or open-government requisites since DOE and the administration could be identified as private businesses not subject to such inane and bothersome demands such as FOIA or law.
    Representative John Kowalko


  2. lastDEconservative

    “Blended learning and personalized learning are essentially the same thing.”

    No, they’re not. C’mon, man, learn the jargon if you’re gonna take pot shots. God knows, opportunities abound.

    “World Immersion, on the surface, looks great.”

    On what surface could you possibly see this reflection? You and your buddy Kwacko must be smoking something (sort of) illegal.

    The next next big thing, Internationalism/America is Always Wrong; its bandwagon has long since left the station, and with Common Core’s billion$ successfully down the rabbit hole, its way to the front of the parade is clear, and the legions in the educracy can once again act as if they are doing something productive. As it comes out of the shadows and into full view, just how feckless and corrupt all those responsible folks that act like observers like Kwacko, the would be “leaders” and representatives of the best interest of we stupid, selfish, and, and (help me here, M, I feel like Rick Perry, “what’s the 3d one?”) becomes obvious.

    Say goodbye to the NEXT cohort of youth to forego a good education in deference to the egos of the elected, their appointed, all their cronies, sycophants and hangers on, and the dozing electorate — dozing to the lullaby emanating from the halls of the aforementioned. Most of the fault, as always, lies at the feet of the elected, even the ones who don’t act like they aren’t even in the arena.

    And the event is always in October. Haven’t missed one yet.


    • Actually, this year it’s in September at Del-Tech. Student Success 2025! With plans so great they can’t even tell us what they are!


    • “Elitist” will fit the narrative for those who don’t believe effort , ability, or skill is worthy of attention or resources. Far more noteworthy and PC correct to redistribute those resources to JK’s “neediest”. Nevermind that hated opt-outers to charters are also the ones TPS’s say are being “creamed” off and per Eve (on the charter/ tps collaborative committee) should not be allowed to choose alternative schools. Quite the dichotomy of “how dare you leave” and “please come back so we can improve education for the neediest”


    • lastDEconservative

      Get your socialist event calendar in order, Carrie. The event is in October. The one in September is to lay out the cushion on which the October (every October) event will land softly and appear to be reasonable instead of ridiculous and cynical.