+++Breaking News+++ Exclusive to Transparent Christina. DOE earthquake to strike tomorrow.


5 responses to “+++Breaking News+++ Exclusive to Transparent Christina. DOE earthquake to strike tomorrow.

  1. kilroysdelaware

    “Standard Disclaimer: I may be wrong, but if I’m right, then I just called bank.”

    Love it 🙂 !!!! Lets hope you are right !


  2. Please please please let it be!!


  3. It’s true! It’s true! It’s true! Who’s hosting the celebration??? Today’s a good day!

    Now, does anyone know anything about Godowsky?


  4. Sounds like there is an opportunity for all the TPS superintendents, Charter Administrators and school boards of the state to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with Godowsky on the FRONT END instead of the arse end. Maybe it would extremely beneficial to have an open public and “transparent” meeting to allow an airing of grievances and a MOU from administrators and the public about the role of DOE.

    Markell history is not good with regards to appointments who inevitably are given stooge status while curly pulls the strings.

    What say you Kilroy? A Transparent public (with newspaper attendees and maybe even televised news crews) meeting to hear questions and answers from the horse’s mouth. No prepared questions, no 2 minute time limit, just direct interface with DOE’s head before his “head” gets indoctrinated into Markeldom. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


  5. Greg MAZZOTTA

    I think that Steve Godowsky was the leader of NCCVT after Dr. Dennis Loftus. In 1994, NCCVT was awarded the Delaware Quality Award for Performance Excellence. He is affiliated with DASL, UD teacher coaching department.

    Please be aware that Delaware is surrounded by states that have high performing schools. At yesterdays Quality Matters workshop, a participant shared that in another state, the schools that deployed the alignment and
    measurement tools of the Baldrige/Education criteria excelled every year.

    Perhaps, SecED Godowsky would help provide the quality education tool
    box: assessments, criteria, core values and concepts, team building, resources, tools, and strategic alliances to like minded education leaders and simply not support field trips to Montgomery Cty schools to view what a collaborative teaching environment look like.

    In a few weeks, we’ll learn the 2015 Baldrige applications site visit – 4 Education organizations, 11 Health Care organizations – on the way to the 100th Baldrige Award milestone!

    Congratulation Dr. Godowsky, the resources of the state-level quality program are available to DOE; May we talk?