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Just a rumor ! Former DE Sec of Ed Mark Murphy on the list for interim Christina Super

Just a rumor !!!! Embattled Former Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy on the cut list for interim Christina School District Superintendent. Keep an eye on  Jimmy Olsen over at the News Journal. He is looking for a big scoop to top John Young’s scoop Murphy was OUT.  


Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy is OUT! Replacement process took place in backroom

Former vo-tech boss to replace top school leader Murphy  Matthew Albright News Journal 

Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy is stepping down and will be replaced by Steve Godowsky, the former superintendent of the New Castle County Vo-Tech system, Gov. Jack Markell confirmed Friday after being questioned by The News Journal. 

Sources told the paper that Murphy’s exit was impending.  

Bullshit !!!!! NJ’s Jimmy Olsen read John Young’s blog! As far as Markell’s new puppet pick! Some nerve Markell has pushing school districts to do more extensive searches for school leaders. Practice what you preach Jack!  And no doubt the state legislators will buy Markell’s pick at face value aka Markell’s stamp of approval! Godowsky might be the right person. However, I am convinced the Delaware Secretary of Education as well as state board of education members positions should be elected positions. Or at least the state board members to create a  political firewall between the governor his free run of Delaware’s public education.

“We have been in a time of incredible improvement and significant change both around the country and in Delaware,” Murphy said. “We are going to see people who are going to struggle with those efforts. What I would ask of those who have been critical is to keep the focus on our children and what is best for them.”

Bullshit ! Politics and Wall Street first and then the kids! The only significant change I see is your ass is GONE! 

Murphy’s tenure has seen a flood of school reforms, many of them tied to the federal Race to the Top grant Delaware won before he took office in 2012. He has faced growing criticism from teachers unions, lawmakers and other groups who say his Department of Education is out of touch with everyday teachers and has used test scores to unfairly label and punish schools.

Murphy’s tenure was nothing more than being a pool-boy for Jack Markell whose education plan was stuffed in his pocket by Rodel!  

“I think that has been the biggest criticism with our current leadership,” said Teri Hodges, president of the Delaware Parent Teacher Association. “The department became known for putting together initiatives and programs and then asking for feedback after it’s already been implemented. The new leadership will definitely have to spend more time engaging the community and be 100 percent transparent.”

Exactly Teri and Markell’s secret meeting picking Murphy successor is classic example. If one were to study Title 1 Section 1118 they would see how Markell infringed on the unique power Title 1 parents now wasted away via NCLB waviers. And that power was a result of the hard work of William Hicks Anderson. Markell buys a program and then tries to indoctrinate parents as many district leaders help pour the kool-aid.  

Many district officials and lawmakers also blasted the way the Department handled the rollout of the plan, saying it held a press conference before handing out detailed plans and developed rules without enough input from on-the-ground educators.

Murphy had critics before announcing that plan, but the months-long fight over the schools turned him into a lightning rod.

Mark Holodick, superintendent of the Brandywine School District, said Godowsky is a good choice to build bridges.

“He prefers face to face meetings and prides himself on relationship building,” Holodick said. “Those characteristics as a leader will help build trust in the system and across the state between school boards, superintendents, and the department.”

Holodick has his share of critics but gives Kilroy a fair say and though he might not approve of my blog tactics, I know for sure he knows my heart is in the right place. I hope Holodick encourages the new secretary of education not to put the blinders on and come to the reality all naysayer aren’t bad! We hear all this preaching about shared-decision and stakeholder but the Markell administration ignores those basic principles.     


+++Breaking News+++ Exclusive to Transparent Christina. DOE earthquake to strike tomorrow.