Red Clay admin caught lying to Red Clay School Board

At the  July 2015 Red Clay School Board meeting concerns from  board members about Delaware College Preparatory Academy’s webpage not being current   re: board board minutes and meeting agendas, a Red Clay admin  reported  it was. Not   one board member opened their laptop to go see and verify.

See for yourself  DCPA website in not up to date an no links to board meeting agendas  Also why doesn’t DCPA have a Vice-President of the board

Folks, the is a  classic example and proof Red Clay admin and board doesn’t have the capacity to  serve  Christina’s s Wilmington students re: upcoming redrawing of district boundaries. Red Clay can’t even keep one of it’s schools, DCPA operating inside the law that governs open meetings.  All the campaign promises by those serving on the board! What a  joke! Red Clay school board continues to be subservient to the district administration. Might just be the root-cause of Red Clay slipping backwards.  


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