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Joe Biden’s possible running mate comes under fire from local NAACP / IMCA @NAACP @foxnews @WSJ @washingtonpost @huffingtonpost

Delaware: The Markell Plantation! OMG! NAACP / IMAC must follow the rules when complaining about racism within state government


Delaware: The Markell Plantation! OMG! NAACP / IMAC must follow the rules when complaining about racism within state government @NAACP @cornelwest @

Pastors: Racism unchecked in state government TESTIMONY GATHERED STATEWIDE WILL BE SUBMITTED TO GOVERNOR Karl Baker, The News Journal

Black pastors are interviewing state workers throughout Delaware to gather evidence and testimony that they say demonstrates that racist practices go unchecked in virtually every state agency. More than 100 state workers have been interviewed in New Castle County in recent months, and the pastors in coming weeks will interview scores more in Kent County and Sussex County.

A court reporter is transcribing all interviews for the Interdenominational Ministers Action Council and the NAACP, and the groups will deliver a report to Gov. Jack Markell this fall.

“I believe the system is sick, and we will have to help [Markell] see the sickness,” said the Rev. Silvester Beaman, pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and president of IMAC. “We would like to see an eradication of this culture of racism that we see exemplified in state government.”

Markell’s addicted to his ego man’s most dangerous drug. If he can’t the ugliness of racism within his plantation called the State of Delaware perhaps he is blind or is just looking the other way.

More than 17,000 people are employed by the state of Delaware, with roughly 5,000 of those African American. IMAC ministers and NAACP officials say they’ve heard stories about black employees routinely being passed over for promotions, enduring outright racist acts and being punished more severely for workplace infractions than white employees. In separate interviews with The News Journal, some Department of Transportation employees said they are routinely divided into segregated work crews.

When it comes to minorities allowed in Markell’s inner-circle they must be willing to kiss his hand or ass! Take a look at education reform in Delaware! Markell takes his $$$$ marching orders from rich white man and then surrounds himself with minorities claiming their are stakeholders at the decision-making table.   

Markell met with the pastors, noting that the state has a zero-tolerance policy against discriminatory practices. He also told the groups that he takes diversity in the workplace seriously.

“Most of the years that I have been governor, we have brought in folks to talk to our cabinet about the best approach that we all can take in terms of fostering a culture and environment that values diversity,” the governor said Friday in an interview with The News Journal.

Perhaps if there were more blacks on Markell’s cabinet perhaps we wouldn’t be at this point.

After meeting with the ministers, Markell sent an email to all state employees to make clear that the pastors and the NAACP “have convinced me that there are valid concerns in this area.” And, the governor added, “Individuals should feel comfortable consulting with this group if they desire and should not fear reprisal for doing so.”  

F’ing Jack!!! Look how parents and members of his own party passed the opt-out legislation. Markell runs out and rounds-up a few minorities to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his plans to veto it.  Jack says, “should feel comfortable”. Clueless Jack re: reprisals. Jack, on the street “snitches get stitches” and in the state workplace complainers get fucked !   

Yet people are afraid of losing their jobs if supervisors learn that they’ve participated in the inquiry, said Beaman. Many African American employees have no confidence in the state’s formal grievance process, said the Rev. Christopher Curry of Ezion Fair Baptist Church in Wilmington, who used his church on July 28 to take testimony from about 50 state workers. He said people came prepared.

A private is only as good as his general and Napoleon Markell is too busy looking in the mirror! Markell is clueless as a woodpecker on an aluminum telephone pole.

“It’s not about diversity,” Curry told his congregation Sunday. “It’s about racism. There’s a difference.”

Well maybe it’s time to stop picking up trash on MLK Day and pick up protest signs and finish the job MLK started. At the end of the day it’s about weak men who continue to look down at their shoes at times when they need to stand like men.

“We started to take a look at the processes within state government and I want to make sure that we’re using best practices in terms of how we deal with these complaints,” Markell told The News Journal. “And I don’t know that we are using best practices.

   You don know! OMF WTF ?????????? 

“There’s sort of a pecking order to assignments. You have people who are going out picking up trash, and you have people who are doing manual labor,” he said. “Then you have other people operating machines.”

Somehow Markell will blame all of this on public school teachers!

While the governor stated his support for the inquiry, he also noted in his email to state employees that testifying to the pastors does not bring the same legal rights as submitting a formal complaint with the government.

“You should understand that involvement with the NAACP/IMAC process does not initiate the official state government. complaint/grievance process and, as a result, does not secure any legal rights under state or federal law,” Markell wrote.

So is Markell saying, the morality of the complains doesn’t warrant  legitimacy in the complaint process.? I guess Markell would have told Dr. King, I am sorry I can’t here you chanting from the street, please schedule a meeting with me !  

Red Clay admin caught lying to Red Clay School Board

At the  July 2015 Red Clay School Board meeting concerns from  board members about Delaware College Preparatory Academy’s webpage not being current   re: board board minutes and meeting agendas, a Red Clay admin  reported  it was. Not   one board member opened their laptop to go see and verify.

See for yourself  DCPA website in not up to date an no links to board meeting agendas  Also why doesn’t DCPA have a Vice-President of the board

Folks, the is a  classic example and proof Red Clay admin and board doesn’t have the capacity to  serve  Christina’s s Wilmington students re: upcoming redrawing of district boundaries. Red Clay can’t even keep one of it’s schools, DCPA operating inside the law that governs open meetings.  All the campaign promises by those serving on the board! What a  joke! Red Clay school board continues to be subservient to the district administration. Might just be the root-cause of Red Clay slipping backwards.