Publius brain fart of the day! ANYTHING Red Clay does is an improvement over Christina.

Publius e decere 

OK (no, not KO), seriously — if that is even possible here — ANYTHING Red Clay does is an improvement over Christina. No matter where the Wilmington formerly-Christina kids attend Red Clay schools, it will be a third of the Christina commute. A 30-minute gain in each direction. An hour a day. The World According To Garmin. A-Waze-ing. And being in Red Clay they will have new priority on choice into the in-demand Red Clay schools. A fringe benefit of joining the Red Clay Club.

Publius you’ve outdone yourself this time! You do know there won’t be a plan as to what Red Clay would look like as far as attendance zone and funding prior to a legislative supported order for Red Clay to be “required” to expand it’s boundaries taking Christina’s Wilmington schools!

I assure you the The Red Clay Wilmington Campus would transform back to a traditional public school to provide “Wilmington” neighborhood middle and high school.

If Red Clay is so great why did t he state pull a takeover via priority schools?

AYP report card time ******************* Red Clay

Delaware Accountability

Select SchoolType: 

School AYP
Baltz (Austin D.) Elementary School Not Met
Delaware College Preparatory Academy Not Met
Forest Oak Elementary School Met
Heritage Elementary School Met
Highlands Elementary School Not Met
Lewis (William C.) Dual Language Elementary School Met
Linden Hill Elementary School Met
Marbrook Elementary School Met
Mote (Anna P.) Elementary School Met
North Star Elementary School Met
Richardson Park Elementary School Not Met
Richey Elementary School Not Met
Shortlidge (Evan G.) Academy Not Met
Warner Elementary School Not Met
William F. Cooke Jr. Elementary Not Aplicable

AYP report card time ******************* Christina

Delaware Accountability

Select SchoolType

School AYP
Bancroft Elementary School Not Met
Brader (Henry M.) Elementary School Met
Brookside Elementary School Met
Downes (John R.) Elementary School Met
Elbert-Palmer Elementary School Met
Gallaher (Robert S.) Elementary School Met
Jones (Albert H.) Elementary School Met
Keene (William B.) Elementary School Met
Leasure (May B.) Elementary School Met
Maclary (R. Elisabeth) Elementary School Met
Marshall (Thurgood) Elementary School Met
McVey (Joseph M.) Elementary School Met
Montessori Academy Wilmington Not Aplicable
Oberle (William) Elementary School Not Met
Pulaski (Casimir) Elementary School Not Met
Smith (Jennie E.) Elementary School Met
Stubbs (Frederick Douglass) Elementary School Not Met
West Park Place Elementary School Met
Wilson (Etta J.) Elementary School Met

So Red Clay’s 50% meeting AYP at the elementary level is better than Christina’s 83% meeting AYP at the elementary level. Agreeable both failed elementary schools located in the city of Wilmington. 

So the bus ride for Wilmington’s minority students will be lessen under the care of Red Clay! So which Red Clay schools will all those city kids  attend? Red Clay will be forced to reset attendance zone to reduce the de facto segregation factor. The district may need to send some suburban children living is a comparable radius as those city kids being forced on the bus. What is Red Clay doing by building suburban elementary schools is circumventing the intent of desegregation. They hide behind the Neighborhood Schools Act but their lack of concern addressing traditional middle and high schools in Wilmington reveals pure disregards to civil rights. Red Clay board members keep their heads in the sand on this one! Publius the pot is boiling and Red Clay willing be force to take on more high needs schools with out approved attendance zones and reset in local taxes to ensure fair and equatable education for all .

Stop masturbating on a keg of gunpowder and come to your senses! You support a Red Clay takeover of Christina without a written plan or knowing the funding impact. Sounds to me is , you want Red Clay to implode to further disrupt traditional public schools. You know when the landlord is burden with runaway overhead expenses he’ll raise the rent on the tenants.     


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  1. Publius e decere


    I believe it is you who has outdone yourself. I think we can agree that the Red Clay board may already be in over their heads before the games have even started, and that the Red Clay administration will have to compensate for that weakness once again. It is a brave new world, and traditional structures must bend to deliver on the full public will while resisting the voices in their heads which echo only a few vocally outsized zealots.

    But to come back to my singular original point. Proximity. For you, I’ll cite a game twist on an old saw: “An hour a day keeps Christina away”.



  2. kilroysdelaware

    “The board” better grasp their responsibilities and let Merv know straight up ” he serves at the pleasure of the board”. “The board” needs to make it clear Merv is not to engage in talks with officials and the Kangaroo Jury created by Markell unless those talks are in public forum! “The board” needs to put aside all personal differences and unite as “one” to make sure before any state board, DE DOE or legislative action setting the stage for actual takeover / transition. The board should vote or agree to any “MOU” and must have in hand and in public view “the plan” with proposed attendance zones and funding. The question of such merger should go to referendum as board member Thompson said.

    Your position is based on dislike of Christina and John Young! How can you say Christina students would be better-off with Red Clay if you don’t know the actual plans or impact! Where is the impact study ?

    I am hear to tell everyone, without a plan in public view and an opportunity for the public to weigh in before final decisions Red Clay will implode!


  3. Publius has tunnel vision, and it does not exist anywhere in Christina. He is blind to the simple facts and figures you provided Kilroy. Unfortunately, this happens a lot when one is in the “choice” crowd. In an intellectual argument, I would take John “Christina” Young over Publius “Red Clay” e decereany day of the century!


  4. This is an excellent new This American Life episode on integration as the only proven way to offer consistently strong educational opportunities to poor, black students (b/c it couples their options to those of more privileged kids whose parents will not tolerate the low-quality options that poor black Americans are routinely offered). The episode celebrates both choice and integration. Very relevant to DE, in many respects. The recorded meeting in which white parents voice their concerns about having their kids educated with poor blacks sounds very much like a meeting held in my DE community several years ago. We’re certainly not alone in having these battles.


  5. If rich white children were stuffed in poor black classrooms those classrooms would be better funded.


  6. Publius e decere

    This thread is a beautiful example of hijack. I made one simple and irrefutable observation — that Christina students living in Wilmington would, upon redistricting to Red Clay, have (i) a much shorter commute — even if they are assigned to the farthest-away Red Clay schools — and (ii) the new benefit of Red Clay priority in school choice if they elect to pursue choice. Both gains are beneficial to the Wilmington students. And (yes) both gains are superior to their current situation with the “ten miles down Interstate 95” Christina district where in-district choice was designed by Hobson.

    I do love that KO picked JY as the intellectual champion. A special bromance, for sure. KO “Mr Sensitivity for Disabilities” might want to rethink his blind “tunnel vision” comment. 🙂

    Oh, Kilroy, I believe that you got it slightly wrong — the Superintendent in Red Clay is serving at the “dis”pleasure of certian board members. Of course many on that board do not understand, nor demonstrate, the difference between governance and management. Which is what makes the show worth the popcorn.



  7. ” and (ii) the new benefit of Red Clay priority in school choice if they elect to pursue choice”
    You would just love that Publius. More choices! Yay! John is a good guy who knows the real deal behind the charters, as do I. And if you ever bring up words like “Mr. Sensitivity for Disabilities” again, I will out you as the sniveling weasel of a coward you are. You don’t get to go there you pathetic excuse for a man. Test me, one more time, and everyone will know who you are. Try me…


  8. kilroysdelaware

    “KO “Mr Sensitivity for Disabilities”

    Yo Publius ! I am not sure if you know this or not, Kevin is a parent of a special needs child. But even at that not good!


  9. He knows, he’s just grasping at whatever straws he has left since I insinuated he may be racist last week. Fairs fair I suppose. Fine, Publius, I apologize for indicating you could be racist based on your love for choice which unfortunately has been known to discriminate against minorities, low-income students at some schools, and special needs students.


  10. Christina students living in Wilmington would, upon redistricting to Red Clay, have (i) a much shorter commute

    And many CSW or Cab students, upon choicing to Dickinson or McKean, would have a shorter commute. In fact for a lot of them, Dickinson or McKean is their feeder.

    And for a lot of city students, choicing to CSW or Cab would also offer a shorter commute, instead of hiking out to Dickinson or McKean.

    Isn’t choice grand?


    • Depends on who’s choosing. Choice that empowers poor students and their families to access stronger schools, yes. Choice that enables administrators of publicly funded schools to generate the student enrollments that they prefer, not so much.


  11. Why not a 6-12 at Wilmington Campus ?


  12. Cab is 6 thru 12 at the Wilmington campus.

    And this… “KO “Mr Sensitivity for Disabilities” might want to rethink his blind “tunnel vision” comment.” is vile – and crosses every line. Kilroy, don’t give Pube a pass on this – don’t pretend he didn’t know. He knows exactly what he’s doing and KO’s history and story (He’s flippin’ commented on it). Then again, we all know who Pube is (as I’m sure everyone knows who I am).

    I watched him prance and skip down the aisle at the board meeting at Brandywine Springs last fall. You go, girl!


  13. Publius, we all know who you are, a verified asshole.


  14. Publius e decere

    Again, “tunnel vision” is a pejorative which uses visual impairment as an inferred weakness and as a tool to criticize. I can see from all of these constructive comments that I struck your chords. Your collective willingness to “select” what is insensitive and what is not is — (drumroll) — your choice. Isn’t choice grand?