John Carney accepting Markell’s endorsement would be like taking ice cream from Satan

Markell hopes Carney enters 2016 governor race Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

They were political rivals in 2008. Now Gov. Jack Markell is all but endorsing Congressman John Carney to succeed him as Delaware’s governor.

Over the weekend, Markell praised Carney’s qualifications and said through a spokesman on Monday that Carney would make a “terrific candidate should he decide to run” next year.

Dear John Carney the reason you lost the primary race for governor against Jack Markell was because you were Governor Minner’s pool-boy. You stayed in her shadow way too long!  You were the party’s choice and Markell took you to primary! Taking his endorsement would make you his lap-dog!  

John, I am here to tell you, Markell has caused severe damage to Delaware’s public school system and I am not taking about charter schools. Markell sold out to Wall Street and Washington! Markell has weakened local control to the extent PTA’s voice doesn’t matter re: the testing opt-out. Markell signs on to all the Wall Street laced education reform plan and then pour the Kool-Aid to parents and the community! 

“(The governor) believes Rep. Carney would be a terrific candidate should he decide to run,” said Markell spokesman Jonathon Dworkin. “But he respects the process that any potential candidate must go through to make that decision and he’s confident that Rep. Carney will make the right decision for him and his family when the time comes. For now, we don’t have anything else to add.”

John, you can bet if you vacate your seat in congress Markell wouldn’t waste anytime going for it! John. Delaware public education is on the verge of complete collapse and will take every bit of five years to restore public confidence and quality leadership.


4 responses to “John Carney accepting Markell’s endorsement would be like taking ice cream from Satan

  1. Greg MAZZOTTA

    To Delaware Elected and Education Leaders,

    Please know that all the resources of the National Alliance for Performance Excellence and, at the state level, the Delaware Quality Program, remain eager to assist you in your efforts to improve and transform Delaware’s education system.

    In a few weeks, we’ll learn the 2015 Baldrige site visit applicants leading up to the 100th Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Award recipient; Milestone!

    Why continue to visit the Montgomery Cty. schools to view their demonstrated collaboration; Learn the framework. In 2000, we demonstrated this in the Milford schools and for 2007, Christina was planning on applying. Since 1983, this framework continues to be the “yellow brick road” to higher performing schools.

    We’ll be presenting a Quality Matters workshop at a Higher Ed
    organization next month in time to help celebrate the 100th Baldrige
    Award recipient; Perhaps, an Education organization.

    Perhaps, the time has come to replace student and teacher testing
    with organizational assessments and the criteria, planning, resources, tools, and a growing community that shares success.


  2. Publius e decere

    Just so y’all know, John Carney supported (in response to a caller) standardized testing on tonight’s teleconference town hall meeting. Just goes to show that Democrts can be sensible too. 🙂



  3. This is nothing more than a slap in the face of Matt Denn. Markell’s way of saying he doesn’t have the support to win now or in the near future.


  4. This title makes me smile 🙂