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Red Clay School District takeover of Wilmington Christina schools does nothing to address de facto segregation

Call me what you want but, long before the public and many legislators grasp the political agenda buried deep in Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment John Young and I were firing the warning shots!  We had the foresight to see the Washington and Wall Street Trojan Horse coming. Our school union leaders and administration also knew these programs were tainted! They did so to go along to get along and yes indeed where held $$$ hostage by the likes of Governor Markell. But they knew! And indeed there was that “limo deal”.  

I am here to tell you, the plan to have Red Clay Consolidated  Schools District take ownership of struggling schools within Christina School District located in Wilmington Delaware is a major social train wreck in the making! 

Hear me out ! With the inception of charter schools, choice schools and expansion of magnet schools that are supported by laws such as the charter school legislation and Neighborhood Schools Act, the city of Wilmington schools including charter school located in the city have returned to minority population pre-court order desegregation aka to whites force busing levels!

I don’t oppose school student population racially reflective of surrounding neighborhoods. However what Delaware lawmakers created with the help of their white affluent supporters whom a few notables help craft the charter school law, neighborhoods school laws and Choice school laws seeded de facto segregation.   

Force busing has not ended! Minority middle and high school Red Clay students living in Wilmington Delaware are forced to ride the bus to suburban Red Clay middle and high schools. Why? Because Red Clay refuses to create traditional middle and high schools within the city of Wilmington. But yet even with empty seats in Red Clay city elementary schools, Red Clay continues to build new suburban elementary schools. They’ll  tell the public they are required to do so per the Neighborhood Schools Act. It seems the NSA benefits white suburban students more so than black Wilmington children.

Yea yea, Kilroy, don’t you know per Delaware’s Choice School Law students anywhere in the state can choose their school? Sound good on paper and when Governor Markell tells the world. However, without choice transportation there is an equity divide. If a parent doesn’t have adequate personal transportation needed as required by the School Choice law  to transport their child to and from feeder bus-stops within the Choice school, or directly to and from the Choice School, their child cannot participate.  Then there are the specific interest enrollment requirement for some charter and magnet schools that are based on intelligence and talent that must be proven during the application process. Folks our most neediest students many of high poverty minorities are locked out of  some of the most successful public funded schools.

I am here to tell you, the merger of Christina’s Wilmington Delaware  into Red Clay Consolidated School District will be a social train wreck! Will Red Clay create city “traditional”  middle and high schools?? HELL NO!  

Red Clay failed to meet federal achievement benchmarks in their city schools to a point a priority school plan was forced on them that give the Delaware Department of Education a direct say in day to day school operation. This the same DE DOE that had it’s charter schools unit implode causing a moratorium on new charter schools.

Folks Red Clay district leadership will cave to a blueprint re: takeover of Wilmington schools that will have no concrete plan and no defined sustainable funding streams. Red Clay will be knocking on local taxpayers’ door to fund another politically seeded agenda.

To Red Clay board members, I tell  you now is the time to put aside egos and personal differences and stand shoulder-to-shoulder and not agree to any MOU or plan that leads the way for a Red Clay takeover Christina schools unless a clear blueprint with funding is approved by the local taxpayers! What I am say, put the question to a referendum vote and if the public says no, let the local politicians take the heat! What is about to happen isn’t just a defining moment is of your board leadership but a defining moment for you as a person! And that position could haunt you the rest of your life! Please set the district leadership straight as to what is required! If there is push back then fire all the bastards! Always remember, the superintendent and district administrators  serve at the pleasure of  school board!    

Wilmington Delaware should be stripped of it’s charter ! Relax Publius not that charter !

Wilmington Delaware’s community leaders supporting handing over city schools to Red Clay School District should also consider demanding the surrender the charter that incorporates them as a city. 

The righteous brother and sisters who want to stripped Christina School District of their city schools because of the failures of state legislators and governors who crafted charter school laws undermining the foundation of Christina need to be held accountable for the deaths of those killed in street violence.

The murder rate in the City of Wilmington  should be a crime in itself whereas city leaders should be charged! Years and years of playing politics and not giving the Wilmington Police Department the tools to do their jobs is shameful. Just and schools need more teachers, Wilmington Police Department need more police men and women! City leaders fail to support the backs on those putting their lives on the line and fail to address the fair and equitable education needs of city children !

The evidence is clear, coward city leaders can’t even man-up and take control of “their” public schools. They rather outsource them to Red Clay Consolidated School, a district where many high needs schools are on the verge of state takeover!

At the end of the day, it comes down to this, Wilmington leaders don’t want the responsibility of overseeing public schools located in their charter and as far as street crime, the body bags tells that story.

Wilmington schools need more teachers and paraprofessional and Wilmington’s police need more boots on the ground! More task-force committees are nothing more then city leaders scapegoating their responsibility.