Rep Kim Williams is true to her mission going back to a Red Clay school board candidate

Yep Kim Williams was an average mom getting involved is her children’s schools and expanding to the district level. And today this lady is true to the core! Many in Dover fear real transparency whereas Kim embraces it. Of all the newbies in public office Kim has the right stuff to possibly be the governor of Delaware. Maybe not next year but soon after. She would be a shoe-in for Lt. Governor. Kim a democrat is always ready to work with any republican who wants to deliver real transparency of government and  public education. Kim is very appealing to independent voters and disenfranchised republican. Kim lives is the real world, well centered but stays true to her core values and respect values of others. And you can bet those with well establish power in her own party are keeping an eye on her! What I admire about her the most is, when the closure of GM Boxwood plant rocked her family’s world she and her husband grabbed on to each other and forged new careers in real-estate. I do believe you can call it grit! Keep up the great work Kim !   


5 responses to “Rep Kim Williams is true to her mission going back to a Red Clay school board candidate

  1. Kim is awesome! I was just telling someone today she should run for Governor! Her work on financial transparency in schools (more recently charter schools) should be a game-changer for Delaware in the long run. The opposition is fierce, but Kim is like a tiger who won’t give up. I would not want to be on the other side of her resolve at any point in time! It’s a shame so many legislators don’t seem to understand Kim’s point in this video: that true student investment begins in the classroom!

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  2. Eve Buckley

    Kim is representative democracy at its finest–a rare breed!


  3. Carl Williams

    I met Kim 25 years ago, the thing that caught my eye about her was her passion. Passion for life, for helping others, for doing the right thing, for being apart of something greater than herself. Not in a way that she would benefit from but her efforts would benefit others. Kim is is a tireless worker for others and a strong and determined voice for those who have no voice. She is the most caring and thoughtful person I have ever met in my life and the fiercest, toughest individual l have ever encountered. I have never known her to back down from a fight regardless of the odds. Somewhat of a cross between a kindly kindergarten teacher and a defensive line man for the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers steel curtain. The one common denominator in all the things that she has accomplished or has been a part of is she began those endeavors in order to make things better for others. Whether it was homeroom mom, P.T.A volunteer, Red Clay School Board or State Representative. The only position she ever lobbied for was kindergarten homeroom mom. I remember telling her don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it. That was kind of like telling General George Patton “you probably won’t get an Armored Division”. All other steps in her journey were brought about by the urging of others who saw her dedication to others and her ability to stay the course. That ability to stay the course is what I admire the most about her. So many times changing that course would have been the easiest or most prudent thing to do. The benefits of joining the status quo far outweighed the rewards of continuing on the path she was on. If I had a dollar for every time I heard her say “but it’s the right thing to do” I would not be writing this now I would would be drinking margaritas at my beach house. She has been knocked down a few times but has gotten back up, dusted herself off regrouped and come back stronger. She always gives credit for her accomplishments to others, she feels the support she receives from others is why she has been able to “get things done”, I agree with part of that statement but I also see others who believe as she does who are drawn to her energy and passion who give her a reason to take on the issues that she does and lend her the support to follow through on those issues. Her ability to bring people together and work past their differences is something that can’t be learned, it is a part of who you are and is to a large part what makes her so unique. She can get a consensus where others have had no success or just plain given up. She doesn’t forget but she very easily forgives and has the ability to move past and forward. Something that amazes and frustrates me at the same time. These qualities are the things that set her apart from others and draw people to her. She moves forward but never moves on from those she began this journey with which is why she can reach out to so many for support, information and ideas. Her energy, voice and dedication to others is what has brought such an eclectic group of supporters together. Those that were with her from the beginning and the newest voices today. She is an amazing person with rock solid old fashioned values which is why I chose her to spend my life with. It has been an amazing thing to watch her advocate for others and as trying as it has been at times I know that as much as I would like to keep her to myself I know she was meant to be a voice for those that won’t be heard and for the working families of Delaware.


  4. lastDEconservative

    “Kim a democrat … ”

    All other tortured fawning to the contrary …


  5. In other news, Governor Markel “a democrat” “[or is it “republicrat” or is it a “democran”] just b#%&h slapped the Opt out bill and vetoed it. Surprised??

    Re-vote time (i.e.: delay the test, delay the twisted criteria, delay the accountability (twisted methods not withstanding), delay a “better” test, delay the feds from withholding funding ,, delay the…..) awwww hell just scrap it and come up with a good test (that’s the trick isn’t it) that addresses the basics instead of a politicized agenda.