Letter sparing between Red Clay, DE DOE and Gov Markell

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From DE DOE’s letter to Red Clay:


As previously discussed, Highlands ES, Warner ES, and Shortlidge ES will each receive $1,000,000 over the next three years. This funding will be disbursed quarterly, as we confirm that Red Clay is making progress and meeting commitments outlined under the MOU and school plans. In addition, please ensure that you have allocated at least 10% of your Title I funds to your three Priority Schools, beyond the allocation the schools have received historically.

Folks, Red Clay Federal Title 1 Funding for FY16 is $5,409,873.00. 10% of that = $541,00.00. This money will be taken from other Red Clay Title 1 funded non-priority schools and distributed to Highlands, Warner and Shortlidge over and above their normal Title 1 funding! We’re talking a good chunk of $$$ taken from other Red Clay Title 1 schools. Red Clay board was never informed by district admins about this little $$$ catch. Yes Ms. Thompson you and the other board members were “duked”.  

Red Clay’s letter to Governor Jack Markell:

The Department of Education, however, has not kept the same commitments and we have reached a point of critical impasse. After the initial planning money, no funding has been provided nor has there been any affirmation or commitment to fund the plans. In our minds, it is unconscionable for the Department of Education to lead our communities to believe our highest needs students would receive support and not deliver on those promises. The MOU specified funding allocations would be provided 30 days after the MOU was signed which would have been February 19, 2015. We are now in the middleof May and must make critical decisions for planning for the upcoming year


As we struggle through the Priority School process, the difficulties we have encountered with the Department of Education (timeline completion) and the uncertainty in fundinghave shaken our very trust and confidence in working collaboratively with the state on the larger issues facing students in the City of Wilmington.  The district and school board(resolution attached) cannot in any way support the recommendations of the Wilmington Education Accountability Committee without knowing first hand we have the resources and commitments to serve our current students and schools. If we cannot resolve thissues of the three priority schools, how will we work in a collaborative manner to deal with the larger issues of the City of  Wilmington? 

Sincerely,Mervin B. Daugherty, Ed.D. Kenneth Rivera, President RCCSD Superintendent RCCSD Board of Education pc: Secretary of Education Mark MurphRCCSD Board of Education RCCSD Cabinet

More proof Red Clay leadership lacks the capacity to entertain expanding it’s  district boundaries to add some of Christina’s at risk Wilmington schools.

One thing for sure is, Red Clay’s board better get a grip on “control”. Now is the time to stand shoulder to shoulder and do what’s right for Red Clay students and taxpayers. The super and all his knights serve a the pleasure of the board! 


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  1. Joanne Christian

    I don’t know why you guys are always indignant, and surprised when an MOU is later considered a misprint, and it really was an FU.

    Maybe, next time.


    • Probably because it is a legal document, a contract between two parties. You better believe if it was the other way around, the DOE would enforce it to the full extent of the law. I expect Red Clay to do the same.

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  2. Memorandum of Utimatum


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