Daily Archives: July 13, 2015

Red Clay board members bitch-slaps Merv over WEAC and more!

School board members are raising major concerns about Red Clay taking over Christina schools in which the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee is calling for!  In a nutshell Red Clay doesn’t have the capacity to effectively take over Christina’s Wilmington school! It seems Merv is in the surrender mode whereas can’t fight Dover. But school board members particularity Rivera and Thompson are demanding answers to question as to what about funding?? 

Thompson called out Merv on priority school funding Markell promised for Red Clay’s priority schools. Well guess what! The ain’t no state funding! The Money Markell was blowing his horn about is reallocating Red Clay “district” Title 1 funding shifting more to the priority schools aka no schools of greatest needs and less to other Title 1 programs throughout the district! It’s a fucking $$$ shell game!  

Thompson is on the ball! Merv said “I don’t know where it’s coming from” re: Priority funding! Big confusing on where the priority funding is coming from! So in the meantime the district must back-fill Priority Schools with local and Title 1 funding until Markell delivers on his promise!  Thompson says, ” I feel duked”. 

As far as Red Clay taking over Christina’s Wilmington’s school, board member Thompson said, there should be referendum to redistrict.  Makes sense to me!  

Mark my words! If Red Clay takes on some of Christina’s Wilmington schools Red Clay will implode under the weight! More referendum!  Not enough money to maintain current programs! RED CLAY DOES NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY to handle more school particularly high needs schools.

Other news, Conrad didn’t receive state funding for their wellness center.