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No Captain’s Mast for DMA’s XO! DMA’s ship muster Kilroy’s IG Inspection re: website

DMA’s Website looking ship-shape !!!! 

OMG !!! CSW rising to the call for better transparency

THE CHARTER SCHOOL OF WILMINGTON 100 N. DuPont Road Wilmington, DE 19807 MONTHLY MEETING Board Meeting Minutes  June 16, 2015 Draft minutes 

As you may not know, Red Clay is in the process of moving some admin responsibilities including Red Clay charter school oversight. One of my main bitches is, inconsistency in Red Clay’s charter schools release of information on the schools websites such as board minutes, board agenda and financial data. 

Historically school boards don’t release board meeting minutes until after the next meeting whereas previous board minutes must be approved by the board. As you can see CSW clearly noted DRAFT on June’s minutes. This is fine and is very welcomed. I hope CSW can stay consistent in releasing monthly data. Also, I do want to note CSW board minutes do have “substance” whereas not vague. This should hold us over until we get legislation enacted to require recording of board meetings. Might take ousting Red Debbie Hudson and Rep Mike Ramone. 

I hope CSW stays on track updating their website and that Red Clay admins can get their heads out of their asses to ensure CSW stays on track.