Kavips makes some valid points re: Kilroy’s pro-charter (choice) position.


Actually, Kilroy…. ;your protection of the Charter Schools has come back to bite you in the ass… As long as you are giving protection and saying you support Charter schools when all of us know how corrupt and filthy they are, it makes perfect since why they should not report all their corruption and filth to the public, if they still have your support….


If you were to come out as all others have, and admit that charters are failures, that we need to eradicate them forever off the face of Delaware
soil, that we should no longer have charter money leaving public schools to fester in the 1%’s pocket…. Then, and only then, would they even consider passing this open recording legislation, simply because the entire Charter Program would now be in jeopardy…”We have to pass this law in order to save Charters in Delaware!!!… ” Just switch over to blasting the charter concept out of the water, over to decrying how HORRIBLE< HORRIBLE< HORRIBLE every single charter is (in principle)… and then sit back and watch the huge majorities with which these open recording bills gets passed next year…..

Remember what we really need is soap in our children’s school bathrooms…. not profiteering education Think Tank head wannabe making $280,000 a year of money that should be going towards our children’s education..

Fight to eliminate all Charters forever… and your bill will get passed overwhelmingly!!!! because the Charters themselves will be pushing it as a last gasp attempt to stay alive… :)….

Indeed Kilroy does need to step-back and rethink his pro-charter school (choice) position.

My position hangs on charters being another Choice option for students and parents. However, in the big picture the corruption we are seeing within some charter schools and the lack of urgency to address those issues is alarming!

The call for radical changes in public education stemmed from the need to close the achievement gap between black and white students. Creating predominately black and white charter schools is nothing more than circumventing the intent of desegregation.

Flags don’t kill, people do! De facto segregation in Delaware schools was hand crafted by the like of Rep Hudson and many who harbor racist views stemming from the force busing days as they call it. One among the charter school crowd worn an arm-band reading back in the anti-busing days that read, Save A.I.. The charter school specific interest admission preference was designed to appease whites and to lock-out at-risk minorities. 

Kavips, my call for transparency of all school boards is as strong as my support for schools choice that includes charter schools. However, that position is shifting. Every traditional public school district in New Castle County is voluntarily recording the public session of their school board meetings. Rep. Debbie Hudson, Rep Mike Ramone and Sen Greg Lavelle failed to fight for House Bill #23 and #61. The roadblock to passage of this legislation is all about protect charter schools who want to operate in the dark! But they aren’t they only ones protecting charter schools. The Red Clay school board president and board members fail to ensure Charter School of Wilmington make public their board minutes in a timely manner. Why do I blame them when Red Clay Super’s “team” oversees Red Clay charter schools? Because the board fails to stand as the charter school governing authority as required by law. They wait for someone to complain to address the concerns. How fucking hard is it for them to take a look at “their” charter school’s webpages? When will we see change in Red Clay’s oversight of “their” charter schools?

Kavips, I am not giving up on the demand for recording school board meetings. However, indeed my support for charter schools as being a “Choice” option is running thin. Red Clay’s board lack of effective action is really turning me sour on charter schools authorized by Red Clay.  Dare them to ever consider another charter school.    


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  1. Linda Calder

    I’m sorry Kilroy, but I am amazed that you would expect Red Clay to be good at policing the activities of their Charter School when they do not do an effective job of oversight when it comes to their own public schools and programs. Cover up is alive and well on a daily basis. Some in the district office are so wrapped up in their little fiefdom and maintaining their “importance” that they have long since stopped putting children first. It is every man and woman for themselves and look out for the ones who are really dedicated to the premise of students first. Back in the days of school board meetings at Telegraph Road that often lasted into the wee hours, there were NJ reporters there who reported in depth the concerns raised by those such as Gemma Buckley, Al Jenkins, and other Wilmington leaders. Red Clay was not trustworthy then either but there was a light shown on them by the public and the NJ was on the side of the residents. Back when the state of Delaware was pointing fingers at Red Clay for all of the wrongs that were perpetrated by those in charge of HR we all expected a major change in the HR players! WRONG! So Kilroy please do not be surprised that much of what was wrong with Red Clay is living on like a legacy from admin to admin. Someday I hope that someone with real integrity will be the spark that will change this but right now I fear that those who are on the inside long enough to see what is going on cannot stomach it and bail! Our loss!