Is Red Clay School Board allowing their DCPA to violate state law re: failing to post board agendas

Below you see “Board Agenda & Mtg Minutes” however, click the date and you’ll only see board meeting minutes. So where is the board agendas? Yea and you can see, just like with Charter School of Wilmington another “Red Clay Chartered Charter School” meeting minutes “aren’t” timely. Leadership starts with the board and the board president! Red Clay admins appear to be keeping the wool over Kenny’s eye! Thank you for your leadership Rep Hudson, Rep Romone and Sen Lavelle! Protect the status quo and the rest can go to hell! Right Mike! 

Delaware College Preparatory Academy  

Board Agenda & Mtg Minutes


2 responses to “Is Red Clay School Board allowing their DCPA to violate state law re: failing to post board agendas

  1. It’s not just DCPA or even the charters. All the non-board committee meetings held monthly or quarterly have very spotty compliance with posting of agendas and minutes. Those meetings are where policies are discussed and developed before they get to the board, and they are key to parent involvement and transparency. Those committees are 100% public bodies and posting agendas is required by FOIA no less than for board meetings.

    To its credit, Red Clay has gotten much better at posting committee meetings on its online calendar, but ususally without agendas. Red Clay is lax across the board on meeting agendas and minutes. Minutes are usually months or more out of date. Nobody is taking responsiblity for compliance.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Merv needs to reshuffle the deck in admin assignments. Websites are windows to school district, district schools and charter schools. Many if not all charter schools being ask to close have transparency issues re: websites. However, Merv seems to be looking the other way when his subordinate can’t get their charter schools to keep their webpages / information within legal compliance. Red Clay may be slipping backward whereas the board once again serves at the pleasure of the super.