Did you hear about Delaware State Rep. Hudson and Ramone???


This is the ribbon-cutting for the William F Cooke Jr Elementary School. The parent who started the required petition that included getting at least two legislators signatures was pushed aside and not induced in any photos. As you see Rep Hudson and Rep Ramone are in the picture. Hudson did offer a letter of support when asked but nearly had to be begged. Ramone just showed up because the new school is in his Rep district!

The parent who started the petition originally was told she couldn’t park at the new school on the night of the ribbon-cutting because the spaces were “reserved”. Calls and E-mails were made to board members and district administration as to WHAT THE FUCK! 

Debbie stands all proud as if she worked he ass off to petition community members AND speak before the school name selection committee. The parent who was responsible stood before the committee in tears express he feelings how Buzzy Cooke was the anchor in her life as her parents went through a divorce. The is when this parent was starting fist grade at Richey school where Buzzy Cooke was principal.

Why is Debbie Hudson wearing a red dress? Typical do nothing Republican. As for Ramone, shame on you Mike!        


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