Priority Schools-The Truth Revealed Part 39 **”But Wait, Didn’t Red Clay Come Up With….”**

Exceptional Delaware

We have reached the end of the Delaware Priority Schools FOIA Saga. This picture actually harkens back to the bygone days of the Summer of 2014, but it was always my intention to save this one for last.


At this point in time you are probably thinking “Uh, okay, what’s the big deal about this? Just another education reform Turnaround School document. I’m sure these are a dime a dozen around the DOE offices.” You are right. But if you look at the bottom right corner, there is an emblem for the University of Virginia. The very same university that Red Clay put in their priority schools plan to use as a vendor to help out with their priority schools. But if the DOE used WestEd earlier in the summer to get help with the Memorandum of Understanding and the methodology for the calculation of the priority schools, and Red…

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