Is Wilmington University spinning Teach for America lies?


“The Teach for America organization works to ensure that low-income children have equal opportunities for quality education. It does that by recruiting the nation’s brightest teachers who honor its mission and commit to teaching for a minimum of two years in low-income communities”.

Folks, Teacher for America doesn’t recruit “the nation’s brightest teachers”. Teach for America recruits so-called bright recent Ivy League college graduates to commit to two-years of teaching “after” five-week summer crash-course in teaching and then onto mentoring by seasoned-teachers currently in classrooms. They learn more from their seasoned-teacher mentors already in place with years of teaching experience than from a five-week crash course. We need to honor students with providing them with teachers who have their sights set on making teaching a career not a fluff-line on a resume! 

See Teach for America’s website and their “mission”

We recruit remarkable and diverse individuals to become teachers in low-income communities. They commit to teach for two years and are hired by our partner public schools across the country. During these two years they are called corps members.

“5 weeks to become a teacher”.  

Parents of minority students in high poverty schools are being taken for a ride! Between Teach for America teachers and teachers who VT into lower-performing schools because their evaluations from former teaching positions wasn’t satisfactory giving them nowhere else to go is a disservice to children.  Students of such high needs shouldn’t be taught by those with a five-week crash course in teaching and by those who couldn’t cut it other schools. 


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  1. lastDEconservative


    So, Red Clay’s e-newsletter just hit the inbox. I guess all the destroyers and sympathizers thereof will be so happy to read RCCSD has bought into another, well, destroying plan.

    Feedback Wanted on New Vision Statement

    The Red Clay Board of Education is seeking community feedback on a suggested new vision statement for the district that the group composed at a recent meeting. More than a slogan, the vision statement should capture main goals for the entire system. The new statement reads:

    “Transforming and inspiring lives through opportunity, equity and excellence.”

    Board members ask anyone with comments on the statement to reply here. The board is expected to vote on the statement at its next regularly scheduled meeting, June 17, 2015, at 7 p.m. at Warner Elementary School.

    Equity: ‘ek – whe – tee’ : (noun) the most recent highly destructive demand of the self appointed arbiters of right and wrong, particularly vis a vis public schooling (not education). A system by which more and more is taken from the willing and able many and showered on the few unwilling and/or unable, under the cynical guise of “fairness,” following the removal of a substantial portion of the booty by the newly payrolled adults in charge of equity programming. Also see: the beginning of the end of — anybody — getting out of school with half what they should have.


  2. lastDEconservative

    “Students of such high needs shouldn’t be taught by those with a five-week crash course in teaching … ”

    Yeah. The life long dues payers have been gettin’ it done so well, why on earth try something new. Good grief, Kilroy.

    ” … and by those who couldn’t cut it other schools.”

    “Those” being allowed to do that by virtue of the unholy alliance between the aforementioned dues payers and those that extract the payroll from the hip pockets of the rest of us. Makes the Clinton Crime Family Foundation look like child’s play.


  3. lastDEconservative

    One more. Why wouldn’t five weeks be enough to become a teacher, given proficiency in subject matter having been demonstrated? Really. Subtract all the indoctrination, equity training, political correctness seminars, standardized testing ( ! ), sensitivity training, allergy awareness, cupcake protection drills, peanut dust containment gear handling, diminution of personality, union thuggery and dues paying brainwashing, and so on, and what’s left? Five weeks. Grant ’em and M.ed. I say!!


  4. Back ON topic – didn’t the state just announce not too long ago announce a fast track program with wilm u to get students extra college credit with them in high school? Hmmmmmm


  5. Pencadermom

    “Teach for America recruits so-called bright recent Ivy League college graduates” – really? Sign my kid up! Ivy school grad and they are just “so called” bright?
    “They learn more from their seasoned-teacher mentors already in place with years of teaching experience than from a five-week crash course” – how do you know that? I mean besides the peanut allergy type thing that lastdel pointed out. (and thanks for the spitake lastDel 😀 )


  6. Give me a break

    And damn it, they get dental insurance! any person that gets dental is completely over compensated!