Senator Sokola Purposely Runs Down The Clock So House Bill 50 Not Heard

Exceptional Delaware 2018

Today at the Delaware Senate Education Committee meeting, House Bill 50, the parent opt-out bill was NOT HEARD.  There were five bills on the agenda, and the chair, Senator David Sokola, came strolling in very late.  As well, there were numerous public speakers, and he made NO effort to limit their speaking time.  In fact, he let them talk as long as they wanted to.  But he did get to have his Senate Joint Resolution #2 heard, which has now been amended to give the General Assembly more authority in the process of the State conducting an assessment inventory.

Sokola did say House Bill 50 will be heard first at next week’s Senate Education Committee meeting, but this was purposely done, make NO mistake about that.  The Senate was requested at 4pm to come downstairs for their session.  The most disgusting part of the whole thing was Delaware Secretary of…

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One response to “Senator Sokola Purposely Runs Down The Clock So House Bill 50 Not Heard

  1. lastDEconservative

    It appears you are close to realizing that you are baying at the moon while the sun scorches the earth.

    Until you change out the elected to something resembling statesmen who act vaguely if at all as self serving politicians, n.o.t.h.i.n.g is gonna change. Of course they don’t care about us … who notices the muzak in the elevator any more on the ride up the tower, high above the teeming masses?

    Then the curtain closes and reopens, and off you go in support of YET ANOTHER inexcusable division of the populace into haves and have nots, another “right” granted to a special interest group — because you are part of it. You know what, pal? My child deserves (I’m studying that word, deserves) all the “gift” of a crumb from the loaf of confiscated earnings as much as yours or any other. Debbie Hudson (R)oach) is to be condemned for participating in such an exercise. The only value her conduct serves is to show anyone even half awake that (R) and (D) don’t matter. Protection of the status quo (tight, unchallenged control and occasional bequests for which to be thankful) is all that matters.

    Kilroy, in his usual unhinged way, rails against “vouchers” (in quotation marks because the currently used words are insufficient to the size of the task) for ALL. What? What of “equality?”

    Tell me, Carrie. How is my 7 year old, who (by accepted testing standards, done twice, once in a public, once in a private venue) reads with comprehension at a 5th grade level, writes at 4th grade level (in cursive or not, at will), does math at end of 3d/start of 4th grade level NOT deserving of as much, dare I say more (to demonstrate how you come across) SPECIAL CONSIDERATION, even COMPENSATION as yours? Oh, and he has a target on his physical back, so don’t start. He’s half or maybe 2/3 the stature of his peers, and by grace of good parenting generally laughs off all the BS that comes with that. What are you to do? Wrong question. What are WE to do?