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Kilroy Is Going To Go On The Warpath Over The Hat Trick…Hide Schwartzkopf and Hudson, Hide Well!!!!

Exceptional Delaware

I warned them, numerous times.  Get House Bill 61 to a vote.  Allow school board meetings to be recorded and put them on public web sites 7 business days after.  I told them this was the third year in a row it was on the ready list but never got to a vote.  Do they listen to me? Hell no!

In hockey, if someone gets three goals, they call it a hat trick.  Well, State Rep. Schwartzkopf and State Rep. Hudson are both the hat trick recipients for NOT getting Kilroy’s bill to a vote.  For three years in a row.  And he is NOT happy!  Hudson sponsored the bill three years in a row, and Speaker of the House Schwartzkopf let it sit there,  gathering dust, three years in a row.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of whatever comes next.  And I’m guessing he…

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Kilroy preparing for political battle and DEGOP is on the battle map and you can bet there is plenty of blue on that map

Of course I am not happy with Delaware State Representative Debbie Capano Hudson! Hudson exposed the big lie about our DEGOP who claim to be all about transparency and fending off the overreaching hand of the federal government. Lavelle does the Smarter Balanced flip-flop and Ramone falls in love with charter schools! Hey Charlie, you left me on the transparency battle! Not good ! 

So sports fans, get ready rumble time!

Publius, changing of the guard is coming at the big Red Clay machine at the lieutenant level ! Captain Johnny Jet is still safe for now! 


NCLB Waivers will be revoked if Markell doesn’t veto H.B. 50

Passage of H.B. # 50 is a major win for labor.  Currently by law there are no consequences for student refusing to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment or for parents opting their child out ! What did students and parents really win?? NOTHING! The big win would be state repeal of the Smarter Balances Assessment. 

If Governor Markell doesn’t veto H.B #50 the Washington wheels will turn to revoke the NCLB waivers or at best not extend them. Many schools will be required to restructure with new school leaders, teachers and very possibly convert to charter. Washington won’t try to withhold NCLB aka ESEA funds to states and schools but the REAL consequences will be  losing the NCLB waviers.

Many labor leaders a cheering the opt-out legislation but when union dues paying teachers are booted out of jobs because of provision within NCLB re: mandatory restructuring, the union mother-ship will loose $$$$$$$.

Mark my word!!!!!!!!!!! If Governor Markell doesn’t veto there will be hell to pay! Sure the legislators can override a veto but Govenor Markell will be half way out of his last term.

The education house of cards will fall and state legislators will be holding the bag because the pulled an override on Markell.   

Shame on the Delaware Department of Education!

Audit: Another charter leader abused funds Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The former principal at the Academy of Dover charter school, Noel Rodriguez, used school money to make $127,866 in personal purchases, reimburse employees for buying alcohol and other barred items, pay legal fees for a sexual harassment lawsuit and give arbitrary bonuses to teachers, a report by State Auditor Tom Wagner’s office says.

In addition to those abuses, the audit found $129,458 that could not be proved as either school or personal purchases.

How can this happen with a DE DOE representative as a member of the school’s Community Budget Oversight Committee as required by law ?


The co-leaders of Family Foundations Academy were fired after accusations they made $94,000 in personal purchases.  

How can this happen with a DE DOE representative as a member of the school’s Community Budget Oversight Committee as required by law?

Notice no comments by the idiots at the DE DOE Charter School Office!  

Delaware Department of Education Charter Unit looks the other way as taxpayer’s money are being mishandled by some charter schools


There is $36,263 in unallocated funds. A contingency fund of $90,267 is designated for summer pays. Ms. Thomas continues to meet with representatives of Delaware Department of Education. At the current meeting she posed questions about the following:

1) Use of the P-card for expenses to be incurred at the National Charter School Conference. Funds for the conference are already allocated.

2) Will someone from DoE come to Reach to answer questions and address teachers’ concerns?

3) What/who determines what happens to all the materials in the building? Can it be liquidated?

National Charter Schools Conference 2015 New Orleans June 21-24, 2015 

Tell me, knowing Reach has been order closed by the Delaware Department of Education after the academic-year 2014-2015, this year! Why was it necessary to expend funds for a national charter conference that takes place long after the last day for student and last day for teachers and last day for many other staff FOREVER ??? Though the funds had be “already allocated” doesn’t mean you must use them! And surely this board meeting being April 2015 and the event being June 2015 surely flight, hotel and conference fees could have been canceled with minimal financial penalty. Notice the board minimizes noted already allocated!!! Like in budgeted! WFT! Also notice Reach referenced P-Card however, go here and tired to find expenditures within state open public records State Employee Credit Card Transactions 

Look at Reach’s list of Citizens Budget Oversight Committee Members:
Toby Conrad (Parent Rep)

Yvonne Gordon (Community Member) 

Judith Gregory (Interim Finance Board Member)

Matthew Kline (Community Member)
Denise Luce (Teacher Rep)

The Department of Education shall promulgate regulations by November 1, 2009, establishing procedures for appointment of citizen budget oversight committees for each of the public school districts and charter schools. These committees shall have full access either electronically or in hard-copy format to all financial documents and financial information in the possession of the school districts they are assigned to oversee, with redactions permitted only to protect confidential personal information regarding students or employees. Oversight committees shall have representation from parents, educators, and taxpayers residing in each of the public school districts, provided that in the case of charter schools membership on oversight committees shall consist of parents of students enrolled in the charter school, educators at the charter school, and representatives of the Delaware Department of Education. Where possible, oversight committees shall contain at least 2 members with formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to oversight of school district financial statements. The Department of Education shall provide training to committee members. The Department shall also promulgate regulations by November 1, 2009, dictating uniformity and transparency in the financial recording and bookkeeping practices of the school districts and charter schools

The law clearly requires DE DOE Representatives on the CBOC ! So who at DE DOE will be accountable?  

Then there is Delaware State Representative Debbie Hudson going through the motion of introducing legislation requiring all school boards even charter schools to record their board meetings and then allows it to sit for three fucking years years after passing House Education Committee and House Appropriations Committee. Don’t forget Debbie Hudson was a former board member of Pencader Charter School. Debbie, now you see why the Delaware Republican Party has turned to shit!  It has no sense of moral responsibility to transparency of taxpayers money and with legislators like you proclaiming to be all for open government but yet can’t fight for your own legislation proves the DE GOP is a pack of lies! 

No tax referendums required for votechs and now Delaware Tech wants in! So much for needs based funding for K-12

Tax increase would fund Delaware Tech infrastructure Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Some lawmakers want to raise property taxes statewide to pay for infrastructure improvements at Delaware Technical Community College that school leaders say are sorely needed and long overdue.

Sen. Harris McDowell, who co-chairs the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, has filed a bill that would create a new property tax. It would start in July 2017 at 1.9 cents per $100 of assessed property value.

Delaware Tech’s Board of Trustees could then choose to increase those taxes. It would not be able to raise the tax to more than five cents per $100 over the next five years and would be limited to a maximum of 10 cents per $100.

“This is the responsible thing for the state to do – to invest in our community college and in our economy,” McDowell said in a news release. “Passage of this bill will finally provide a long-term solution to the college’s long-standing deferred maintenance problem while boosting Delaware’s economy in the short term.”

So add more funds to Delaware Tech using a non-referendum process like for votechs! But what about the call for needs based funding for Delaware’s k-12 schools?

Just another slap in the face to K-12 at-risk student in dire need of smaller class sizes!

$420,000.00  a year for Delaware Tech’s president.

I know Delaware Tech needs to expand but how fair is to ask school district be beg the taxpayers for K-12 funding and ask them to sit by and say nothing about this proposed legislation? 

DE Sec of ED Murphy said “Academy of Dover misappropriated funds” but no arrest! Why!


Hear for yourself, Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said, “school or it’s representative misappropriated  funds”. Un-F’ing believable, DE DOE by law is required to have a DE DOE representative on the charter schools Citizen Budget Oversight Committee.  When will the idiots working at DE DOE in the Charter School Office be put on probation?

Jenny said, the matter was referred to state audit and AG office! WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DE DOE has representatives on the CBOC!

Check out this:

DE DOE Job Posting: 

Part-Time Casusal Seasonal Summer Work – Charter School Office (Open Until Filled) 

The Department of Education is seeking a part-time seasonal/casual worker to monitor charter schools in Kent and New Castle counties Citizen Budget Oversight Committee meetings. Most of these meetings will take place on weekday evenings, so they should have the availability during that block of time. Currently, the position is for summer with the potential opportunity to extend into the fall.

The primary responsibilities will include:
– Observing charter school board meetings
– Acting as the DOE representative at Citizen Budget Oversight Committee meetings
– Monitoring charter school websites and reporting on compliance issues
– Visiting schools
– Submitting reports on meeting & school visit operations
– Conducting research on national best practices for charter school oversight
– Contributing to DOE Charter School Office projects
– Participating in DOE Charter School Office meetings via phone or videoconference.

Qualifications: Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of one year of work experience.
Applicants must demonstrate good verbal and written communication skills during the interview process. The successful candidate must complete a criminal background check and be available for employment starting in June.

Contract Period: June to December 2015; ten (10) to twenty (20) hours per week

Rate of Pay: $30.00 per hour 

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of one year of work experience.

A Bachelor’s Degree in what ? Minimum of one year of work experience in what? (For you Kvips) working at 84 Lumber putting rubbers on termites so they don’t fuck up the wood? 

Casual Seasonal Summer work $30.00 an hour with no practical related work experience??  I wonder which state legislator’s kid will get that ant-brain job?

And so much for our Republican watchdogs Rep Debbie Hudson and Sen Greg Lavelle!   

Delaware’s new marijuana decriminalization law expands the drug trade and street violence

Police seek to cut through haze on Delaware cannabis lawKarl Baker, The News Journal 9:38 p.m. EDT June 19, 2015

A new law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana has opened a new set of questions for Delaware law enforcement.

“We have to talk with the attorney general,” said New Castle County Police Chief Elmer Setting on Friday, the day after Gov. Jack Markell signed the measure.

The legislation, which takes effect in six months, eliminates criminal penalties for possession by an adult of 1 ounce of cannabis or less for personal use. A violation will be considered a civil offense punishable by a $100 fine and would not become part of a person’s criminal record.

“It’s going to be similar to having an open can of alcohol” in public, Setting said.

A violation currently is categorized as a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of up to $1,150 and six months in jail.

The legislation will not change any rules regarding medical marijuana or penalties for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs. Selling pot also will remain banned. Smoking marijuana in a moving vehicle, in public areas, or outdoors on private property within 10 feet of a street, sidewalk or other area generally accessible to the public will be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $200 and imprisonment of up to five days.

“People should do this in their own homes …,” said state Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, D-Democrat, who sponsored the legislation, House Bill 39. “It should not be done in cars. It should be done in the privacy of your own home.”

I don’t oppose legalization of  marijuana. However, Markell’s new decriminalization law will add to the out of control murder rate in Wilmington.

With his pen, Markell sign a law that created new opportunities for street corner drug pushers by expanding the demand and giving many a false-sense that possessing and smoking marijuana is legal in a sense that it will be treated like alcohol.

At the end of the day, someone is going to profit from a non regulated commodity and the notion that decriminalization of marijuana is going to allow our police to focus on more serious crimes saving taxpayers money by not policing what was considered petty crime have another thing coming. 

Selling and distribution of marijuana is sill illegal and allow people possession of marijuana drives the drug market. This law will increase the demand and sadly to say, many users who aren’t reading the devil in the details re: law are going to play dumb.

Our police will pursue drug pushers and you can bet those “recreational users” busted for little in fraction within the scope of this law will roll on their suppliers. Snitches will always get stitches and the naive ” recreational users” are clueless to street justice.

The new laws says, a person can’t be busted for using a dope-pipe while smoking pot but can be busted for possessing a dope pipe not currently being use.  (a) It is unlawful for any person to use, or possess with intent to use, drug paraphernalia as defined in § 4701(17) of this title.  Except that any person charged under § 4764 (a), (b), or (d), or assessed a civil penalty under § 4764(c), shall not also be charged with this offense. SYNOPSIS “A person charged or assessed a civil violation in connection with a personal use quantity of marijuana cannot also be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. A person who is not charged with personal use quantity of marijuana possession can still be charged or assessed a civil violation of possession of drug paraphernalia”

H.B.# 30 is nothing more than a legislative steppingstone to full decriminalization of marijuana. However, that won’t happen until marijuana is regulated  and taxed.  But in the meantime, there are those law-abiding citizens who see decriminalization as legalization being caught in the gray areas of the law. And as for our police, there jobs just got harder. Keep in mind folks, just because less than an ounce of pot is legal to posses, it doesn’t prohibit the police from asking ” were did you get it.”  Nervous “recreational users” may just tell! 

Sadly, I see an expanding drug trade in the city of Wilmington and more suburban folks heading into Wilmington to score! I also see, troubles plaguing Wilmington expanding into the county! And you can bet our beach resort areas will be impacted.

At the end of the day rich / middle class people can buy their way out (lawyers) of allowing themselves to cross the gray line of this law and poor folks still same old same old!  

The right thing to do is legalize marijuana, regulate and tax it. Mirror the alcohol laws for marijuana.

Dear mothers of a children murdered in drug related drug activities he or she was involved in; your child danced with the devil and loss. However, laws that promote selling of drugs in open markets is the true enemy.     

State Rep Debbie Hudson sticks to parents, students, community and taxpayers! AGAIN!

148th General Assembly

House Bill 61

Primary Sponsor(s):


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Peterson


Reps. Briggs King, Dukes, Hensley, Yearick, Baumbach, Bolden, Jaques, Lynn, Matthews, Osienski, Paradee, K. Williams; Sens. Bonini, Lavelle

Introduced On:


Long Title:


Synopsis of Bill:

This bill requires that all public meetings of the boards of education of public school districts, vo-tech school districts, and public meetings of charter schools’ boards of directors be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the districts’ and charter schools’ websites within seven business days. The recordings will not be considered the official board minutes.
Currently the Red Clay Consolidated School District, Christina School District, and the Capital School District on a voluntary basis approved by their boards of education have been providing the public digital recordings of their board public session meetings via the district’s websites.
The Delaware State Board of Education is required by the State Board of Education to make available within one business day digital recordings of its board meetings on the Delaware Department of Education’s website.

Current Status:

Out of Committee   On  05/06/15

House Bill 61 dies as it’s predecessor  House Bill 23  of a desk draw veto in 2014 and 2013. 

A leading supporter of good government/open government legislation, Rep. Hudson has backed initiatives to give the public more access to the budgetary process and to stream audio of the House of Representatives’ proceedings on the Internet.

Yep House of Representatives proceedings are stream on the internet! Problems is, the live streams are recorded but aren’t archives whereas the public can go back an listen. Most people are working during these live audio streams.

Hudson is hooked up with the ass-hats at CSR and High-Pockets Pete. Hudson is the CSR Mule pushing school vouchers via H.B. 161.  

Hudson sponsored H.B. 23 and H.B. 61 and just let it sit there to fade! H.B. 23 made it through House Education Committee and House Appropriations Committee. Hudson did stand-up and fight for either bill. Other legislators were suckered into support both bills.

So life goes on! And Debbie Hudson unemployed lives off the $$$$ backs of the taxpayers at the same time keeping the taxpayers in the dark about local school issues.

We’ll do our best to throw this trash out of public office! 

Education nightmare heading Delaware’s way !

Wilmington school redistricting gains momentum Matthew Albright, The News Journal

It appears likely that legislators will pass a law this session that would start the process of redistricting Wilmington schools.

That means Red Clay School District would take responsibility for the city schools and students served by the Christina and Colonial districts.

Going to be some big shifts in feeder-patterns! Word has it Conrad will only be a magnet program for grades 9-12. 6-8 will revert back to a traditional programs resetting the old middle school feeder pattern. Also, I am hearing Charter School of Wilmington will be ask to find another place as the “surplus” space they are leasing is needed! Wilmington does “need” a traditional high school! 

Handing Christina’s priority schools over to Red  Clay at the same time Red Clay slips in transparency of their charter schools and when Baby Hoffa slips-out Warner’s backdoor demonstrates lack of grit to do what’s right. Maybe it might be a good idea to add vouchers in school choice options or at least to Wilmington kids who have been under-served and forced to ride buses outbound to suburban middle and high schools! 

The Committee was created by Gov. Jack Markell to find ways to improve Wilmington’s troubled inner-city schools. One of its primary recommendations was to reduce the number of districts serving city kids.

You can bet with Markell’s Rodel butt buddies in the mix it will be the same old same old for city kids. Markell is the worst governor on public education in the state’s history.

This legislative session has seen plenty of heated battles over education, but redistricting has had the support of both Markell’s administration and some of its fiercest education critics, like Red Clay Education Association union president Mike Matthews.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of opposition, and there probably shouldn’t be a lot of opposition, to be honest,” Matthews said.

Yea still union jobs! LOL :). Who knows with a mega school district you might have to step and been a union boss as full-time job :). 

Matthews supports the broad idea of redistricting, but he is one of several school advocates – especially in Red Clay – who are anxious to see the details.

Shit! Red Clay union as did DSEA signed onto Race to The Top and help set the Common Core and Smarter Balanced movement. I’d be very cautious about what the unions say now.  

Transferring the schools is not a simple prospect. Districts do not get as much property tax revenue from the city as they do from the suburbs, and students in urban schools often face challenges that require more resources.  

Might have to cut back on some extracurricular ERP programs .

I am all for address the needs of city kids but what success has Red Clay had addressing high poverty at-risk students? Folks the answer is needs-based funding ensuring smaller class sized and more intervention specialist.  Moving the chairs around on the deck of the Titanic isn’t serving children of delivering the promise!  

Delaware: Will school vouchers provide better school Choice options?

Dear Supporters of School Choice,

Do you believe every parent in Delaware should have the ability to choose the type of education their child receives? Currently, parents do not have this ability. Our goal is to expand the choices parents have and to help them make the best education decision for their child.  You have the opportunity to help make education choice a reality in Delaware.  Continue reading for information, good news and how to take action.

School choice is a term you will hear used a lot. Let’s define this term before we go any further. School choice gives parents the freedom to choose their child’s education, while encouraging healthy competition among schools to better serve families’ needs. School choice lets parents use the public funds set aside for their child’s education to choose the schools—public or private, near or far, religious or secular—that work best for them.

School choice is provided in a variety of ways. One way is through educational savings accounts, which are becoming a hot topic in many states around our nation. What exactly are they and how do they work? Education savings accounts allow parents to withdraw their children from public district or charter schools and receive a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts with restricted, but multiple, uses. Those funds can cover private school tuition and fees, online learning programs, private tutoring, community college costs, and other higher education expenses. Educational savings accounts already exist is some form in five states: Arizona, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Nevada. In fact, Nevada just became the first state to pass nearly universal education savings accounts. Read more about thathere.

There is a bill, HB 161, that was just filed this month in the Delaware legislature that would allow families of special needs children access to educational savings accounts. View this video to see first hand how Delaware families with special needs children feel about this bill. The legislation is waiting to be debated in the House Education Committee. This is where we need your help! The House Education Committee Chair, Rep. Earl Jaques, has the soul responsibility of adding this bill to the committee agenda. Here are some ways that you can help ensure that this bill is brought to the committee for debate:

  1. Email and call Rep. Earl Jaques directly at:

  2. Email and call your own Representative and Senator.  Tell them you support the bill and that you would like them to speak with Rep. Jaques about adding this bill to the committee agenda.

Find your legislator by simply typing in your address and a map will appear with the name of your Representative or Senator.

Email if you are interested in attending the committee hearing tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 24.

Your support will go a long way in bringing this bill to committee and ultimately to the House floor for a vote. Please take 5-10 minutes now to make some calls and send some emails. Parents all over the state need you.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Kristen Sherman

Parent Coordinator and Champion for Education Choice

Rodel’s poster child Arne Duncan has some explaining to do

Arne Duncan’s Patently False Promise to Forgive Student Debts at For-Profit Schools Published on Friday, June 12, 2015 by Black Agenda Report

The U.S. government has funneled hundreds of billions of dollars into corporate accounts by bankrolling for-profit schools that systematically fleece their mostly low income and minority students. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan promises to forgive the student loans of those who have been defrauded. Unfortunately, Duncan is lying through his teeth byGlen Ford

And here is Arne Duncan back in his Chicago schools day cutting backroom deals at Helen’s.

Breaking News! Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy’s Executive Assistant calls it quits

State Board of Education – Regular Monthly Meeting 6/18/2015 – 1:00 PM

Cabinet Room Townsend Building

401 Federal Street Dover, DE

VII. A. Personnel


Ryan Fennerty, Executive Assistant to the Secretary of Education, resignation effective June 15, 2015.

And what do you see ? re: Senate Bill 137

148th General Assembly

Senate Bill 137

Primary Sponsor(s):


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Sokola & Rep. Mulrooney & Rep. Osienski


Sens. Blevins, Hall-Long, Henry, Marshall, McBride, Townsend; Reps. Baumbach, Bolden, Brady, Carson, Keeley, Lynn, Ramone, B. Short

Introduced On:


Long Title:


Synopsis of Bill:

Delaware’s Community College System plays a critical role in the State’s economy by providing workforce development and transfer education that connects Delawareans with good paying jobs within the State and region. This Act gives the College’s Board of Trustees the authority to issue bonds to finance the cost of major and minor capital improvements, deferred maintenance, and the acquisition of related equipment and educational technology associated therewith and establishes the Community College Infrastructure Fund to pay the principal and interest on such bonds. This Act adopts the county vo-tech structure to finance the Fund by authorizing the College’s Board of Trustees to collect a local property tax subject to a cap.

Current Status:

Senate Finance Committee   On  06/11/2015