The untold courage of Beau Biden now revealed


As we pray and think about Beau Biden we must think about the courage Beau had keeping his health secret and not yielding to political pressures to discuss it.

Whatever  bucket-list Beau had, he put it aside and went on with his day to day life. But surely he and his family was preparing for the possibility of living life without him. 

Nothing prepares us for the final walk. However, the real courage is in trusting God’s hand reaching out of the light. I am a believer that in darkness there is light and light there is darkness. We must all find a way to stay in that light from our first breath to the last. To me it appears Beau Biden did just that. I was taught we are to celebrate life when there is a birth and also death. Also, if you made a positive difference in just one other person’s life your life had meaning. Obviously Beau Biden left a positive mark on many.

One can only hope Beau’s family and friends can draw from Beau’s courage and go on and touch others in his remembrance. Some of us may have looked upon Beau as prince but now he is a king among kings. He is in a place where all is equal and peace is lasting. Draw from his courage.

The are times a son carries on a father’s legacy and yet there are times the father is ask to carry on a son’s legacy. Stay strong Papa-Joe and keep everyone in the light during these hours of darkness.


5 responses to “The untold courage of Beau Biden now revealed

  1. Yes, Kilroy. A man of honor and courage and gone much too soon.


  2. Kilroy, I think this was the most inspirational thing I’ve ever seen you write. I can’t wait to read your “opus” one day!


  3. Pencadermom

    All day I’ve been thinking about his family and mostly his wife and children. That kind of pain must be near unbearable and I pray for comfort for them all.


  4. lastDEconservative

    A lit-tle over the top, mi amigo, a lit-tle over the top.