Governor Markell must be all smiles as Christina’s referendums fails

Christina School District residents reject tax increase  Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The referendum was defeated by a vote of 5,968 to 5,074.

Folks it is very possible the stage for a state takeover of a school district has been set. Those who think things are already bad in Cristina but get a grip because, a state takeover will be far worst! 


2 responses to “Governor Markell must be all smiles as Christina’s referendums fails

  1. Actually the governor stood up at Newark and urged all to pass the referendum……. You might argue whether he was sincere or not, but most of us would say no parent could hope this referendum would fail…. so his sincerity went without question…..


  2. lastDEconservative

    A wise commenter just yesterday addressed Kilroy’s first suggestion of a capital S State takeover thus:

    ““Do you honestly want the Delaware Department of Education taking-over Christina School District?”


    At some point, even Shawshank Redemption wouldn’t be worth watching again if it was the only movie that had been playing for the last 50 years. I say change the reels, pop some new corn, ice down the soda pop, and hit the switch. And us? Lean back in our seats and watch the story unfold. No talking till intermission. Besides, what’s one more span of a couple years of -potential- destruction from a slightly different direction than that of the last couple decades of -actual- destruction?

    Could the damage to the chil’ren actually be any worse than it will be if Coach and Co. don’t take it over? Psstt. No. Notice, not will it or won’t it, but will the degree vary.”

    Wise and prescient. Who ‘dat? Oh, yeah, me!